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Best Treadmills Under Rs. 20000 in India 2024

With our hectic lives, we can find the time to exercise our body and mind. We can help you to find an easy solution to exercise your body. For under Rs. 20000 you can get yourself an excellent treadmill in the Indian market, to stay fit while running at home. Take a look at our list of the best treadmills in India for a price of under Rs. 20000.

1. RPM Fitness RPM800 Manual Multifunction with Free Installation (Rs. 11 978)

(Best option)

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It is a manual type treadmill, and it weighs 100 kg. It saves your space, and you can fold it easily. The great things about this treadmill are that you can do push-ups, you can run, and it has a stepper. Another great feature is that it has a pulse rate monitor, so you can track your heart while exercising. It comes with a six-month warranty on manufacturing defects.

2. Powermax Fitness TDM-98 1.5HP Light Weight Foldable Motorized (Rs. 18 300)

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Another manual type treadmill, but a little lighter than the previous one – just 90 kg. It has a LED display with Pre-set programs, a heart rate sensor. The fantastic thing about this treadmill is that it has built-in speakers and audio iPhoneMP3 connections. There is also a USB connection, Anti-Skid running belt with a six-ply running board, and a low running deck design. It offers a lifetime warranty for the frame, a three-year warranty for the motor and a one-year warranty for parts and labor.

3. Cockatoo CTM-08 Steel 1.5HP Motorized (Rs. 15 990)

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There is free installation assistance. This manual type treadmill weighs 120 kg. It has a meter display for time, distance, burned calories, and speed. It is easy to assemble, but the bad thing about it is that you have to assemble it yourself. However, there is an instruction manual in the packaging. You get three-month domestic warranty just for the motor.

4. Kobo Walk or Run Foldable Jogger Fitness Loose Weight for Home Gym  (Rs. 8 279)

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Another great treadmill, weighing 120 kg. It comes with an instruction manual in the packaging since you have to assemble the treadmill by yourself. There is a meter display for time, distance, calories burned, and for speed. You also get a three-month warranty, but just for the motor.

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