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10 Best Games for PS4 Under $50 in 2020

PlayStation 4 has been around for a long time, and the whole world enjoys it. If you never experienced PS4, take a look at our list and choose one game that will give you the gaming experience of a lifetime.

1. God of War $24.82

Source: Pocket-lint

When Sony released its version of the game, it wasn’t the best that it could be. Luckily, SIE Santa Monica Studio’s version improved the series and turned the game back around. Kratos is now a father, and you are going through the game as if you were him.

2. Horizon Zero Dawn $20.33

Source: Amazon

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn mixes unbelievable post-apocalyptic open-world with battle, crafting and a good story.

3. Marvel’s Spider-Man $29.91

Source: PlayStation

For a Marvel’s fan, and a Spider-Man fan, this game is everything. It represents New York beautifully, and the story isn’t as bad as you would imagine. Definitely worth of trying it out.

4. Monster Hunter: World $18.93

(Best option)

Source: Microsoft

Monster Hunter series has been an enigma for years, but now they improved it, and you can easily understand everything you need to do in the game. You can battle monsters, and then go on to fight even bigger creatures.

5. Persona 5 $19.95

Source: Wccftech

One of the biggest RPG games for PS4, Persona 5 is now in Tokyo. There are more people in the game, and the experience is indescribable.

6. Red Dead Redemption 2 $29.39

Source: YouTube

The continuation of one of the most successful games, this one is a simulation of a falling world, and the story is incredible. It will make you wish the time stays in place so that you can go through the whole game at your own pace.

7. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard $27.49

Source: GameSpot

Part 6 of the Resident Evil series wasn’t successful, but when everyone created this 7th part, people stayed speechless. What makes this part so genius is that you are found running and avoiding your enemies in the game, and if you love the horror genre, then you must try and beat this game.

8. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice $47.30

Source: sekirothegame

If you are a big follower of Dark Souls, then this is the game for you. What makes Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice unique is the heavy combat, grappling hooks, and quick swordplay. Also a great feature – you can pause the game. Great, right?

9. Tetris Effect $27.69

Source: Android Central

Tetris is everyone’s favorite game, and this Tetris Effect offers you amazing gameplay with fantastic music, and of course, the overall gaming experience.

10. Until Dawn $13.33

Source: Engadget

You thought resident Evil 7 was the ultimate horror game? Well, guess again. Until Dawn is a game in which eight teenagers are going through some horrible things. You are who is basically telling where to go and what to do by pointing and clicking.

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