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10 Best Dishwashers Under Rs. 40000 in India 2024

Indian food is often made with heavy masalas and thick gravy which can leave stubborn residue on the dishes that are extremely difficult to remove. This is why every home would benefit from having a dishwasher. Not only is it a time-saver, but a dishwasher is more efficient when it comes to water usage. Here are ten of the best dishwashers you can find in India this year.

1. Siemens  SN256I01GI -12 Place Settings Dishwasher (Rs. 39,421)


This Siemens dishwasher has a sleek design and the newest features. It also has a Preactivated VarioSpeed option for a shorter wash cycle time. This dishwasher features an Express Sparkle mode which will clean your dishes in just one hour. When you set up the Eco 50 mode, it uses about thirteen liters of water along with 1.02 kWh.

2. Whirlpool PowerClean-WFC3C24 PF IN 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (Rs. 32,990)

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Whirlpool PowerClean dishwasher has a lot of attractive features for easy cleaning, and it is very energy-efficient. It comes with a high-pressure spray nozzle for the best cleaning results. This dishwasher has a 6TH SENSE Technology which can identify the level of soil on the dishes. Whirlpool PowerClean-WFC3C24 is designed with foldable brackets, and the noise level is just 44 dB. It uses up 9.5 liters of water per cleaning session.

3. Bosch SMS66GW01I  12 Place Settings Dishwasher (Rs. 32,499)


This Bosch 12 Place Settings dishwasher is one of the best quality dishwashers with fast cleaning results. It has the ActiveWater technology which is useful for dishes with heavy stains on them. It comes with Preactivated VarioSpeed as well as Express Sparkle mode for minimizing the time required for cleaning. There is also the Extra Dry feature that serves for drying your dishes.

4. Siemens SN256W01GI 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (Rs. 36,399)


This Siemens Dishwasher comes with the HygienePlus features for removing all of the bacteria while cleaning. It also has the Express Sparkle mode if you want your dishes not only cleaned but also dried.  Siemens SN256W01GI is made with six washing programs, including the Intensive 70-degree program for the most stained dishes. This dishwasher also has Aqua and Load sensor, foldable racks, and many more useful features.

5. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher (Rs. 34,699)

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This IFB product one of the most energy-efficient dishwashers on the Indian market, and it is designed with a flexible half-load mode which allows you to change the space and move around the racks inside it. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic dishwasher has a rating of A++, and it used about 9 liters of water during the cleaning.

6. IFB Neptune WX Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (Rs. 31,699)


This dishwasher comes with not only a 12 place setting but also a rack that is removable. It uses 22.7 liters of water during the cleaning and has a noise level of 53 dB. IFB Neptune WX dishwasher features a time indicator, and it is an incredibly durable and high-quality product.

7. Bosch SMS60L18IN 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (Rs. 34,999)

(Best Option)

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Bosh 12 Place Settings dishwasher is equipped with a program for auto cleaning, which means that you can use it to clean the dishes automatically during a set time period. This dishwasher features the Eco Silence Drive for using up less power. It also has a half load function and a load sensor. This dishwasher will eliminate 99.99 percent of all the germs using a temperature of the water that is 70 degrees.

8. Kaff KDW Delta 60 Stainless Steel Free-Standing Dishwasher (Rs. 33,990)

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This dishwasher made of stainless steel has upper and lower spray arms. Kaff KDW Delta 60 comes with six washing programs and three-stage filtration feature, which makes sure the cleaning is exceptionally energy-efficient. This dishwasher is equipped with eight dishwashing functions, along with 14 place settings, and a digital display.

9. Bosch SMS40E32EU 12 Place Setting Dishwasher (Rs. 28,499)


This powerful dishwasher from Bosch is incredibly energy-efficient, and it features a half load option and a load sensor. It also comes with the Eco Silence mode and a Dosage Assist for the even distribution of the detergent. Another useful feature that this product has is The Aqua Stop, which helps find any potential leakage and stops the flow of water.

10. IFB Neptune FX Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (Rs. 26,490)

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This dishwasher has low power and low water consumption and great features. IFB Neptune FX has five washing programs, including Super 50 min, Auto normal, Auto Intensive, Auto delicate, as well as Pre-wash. It comes with an upper basket that is foldable. This dishwasher has a water softening device which helps reduce the usage of detergent.

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