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Litebit UBQ Market Honest Review

Ubiq (UBQ) is a branch from Ethereum, or you can describe it as a decentralized platform. It means that you can make decentralized apps and smart contracts in the Ubiq platform. The contract and apps you make in Ubiq will be auto-executed and do not require any action from intermediators. …

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A Review of the Q Plus Allwinner H6 TV Box Set – 2021

We all know that choosing a new TV Box system can often be extremely time-consuming and overwhelming, especially since there are thousands of brands and models to choose from. However, if you are interested in purchasing a new IPTV system that will improve your streaming quality, you are reading the …

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Google Pixel 4 Vs. Google Pixel 4A – A Comparative Review

October 2019 saw the launch of Google Pixel 4. Meanwhile, the Pixel 4A is an upcoming Google smartphone. The latter is said to have passed the FCC certification and may not be ready for launch. But it has been getting quite the hype. Let us take a journey through the …

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