Litebit UBQ Market Honest Review

Ubiq (UBQ) is a branch from Ethereum, or you can describe it as a decentralized platform. It means that you can make decentralized apps and smart contracts in the Ubiq platform. The contract and apps you make in Ubiq will be auto-executed and do not require any action from intermediators. Ubiq (UBQ) is also known as the Proof of Work blockchain that pretty compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). More information:

Apart from Ubiq (UBQ) compatibility with EVM, it also has several systems that differ UBQ from the other Crypto platform named Ubqhash that become the PoW for its algorithm.

UBQ is intended to be the value token of the network and acts as gas to facilitate token transfers and contract execution. Ubiq strives to maintain steady and cautious blockchain development focused on Enterprise applications.

UBQ is the platform that serves various essential acts such as token transfer and also contracts execution. On its growth aspect, the developers of Ubiq are carefully developing this blockchain to be always in-line with the mission to make Ubiq become the best enterprise application in the industry.

As mentioned before, as the platform that compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Ubiq is targeted to be the platform that can bring a good impact toward the industry by creating the positive development of the network. This mission’s output is to make the Ubiq coin become the most stable Cryptocurrency that equal plus compatible with the Ethereum network. If you are interested in having some Ubiq coin for yourself, you can easily purchase it at LiteBit, and the Crypto will be sent to your wallet immediately.

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LiteBit Exchange Review

Since it was firstly launched in 2013 as the Cryptocurrency exchange platform in Netherland, LiteBit provides a broad range of variations of Cryptocurrencies on its platform. Today, the work area of LiteBit is limited only to the European, but in the near future, LiteBit may be able to serve people from around the world. LiteBit is headquartered in Arnhem, Netherland. Netherland is the perfect country that open and friendly to Cryptocurrency among the countries in the world.

There is no further information online about LiteBit’s fees for trading and withdrawal. The comprehended information can help Litebit get a huger number of members if they give the comprehended information in an online environment. Regardless of the limited information in service fee from LiteBit, this platform is still counted as the biggest Crypto trading platform in Europe. This platform is accepting fiat-crypto trading and also the Crypto-to-Crypto trading. You can deposit your money to LiteBit through the bank transfer and also using Cryptocurrencies. Then what about credit cards? Well, credit cards are not the recommended payment method because LiteBit does not support it. This policy has successfully made LiteBit the platform that friendly to novice traders.

LiteBit also provides the affiliate system. An affiliate system can be described as the program that gives the people (non-member) to get the bonus money from LiteBit when they are able to attract new people to join LiteBit. Unfortunately, there is limited access to reach the information about Litebit’s affiliate system, and we cannot provide it as complete information to you in this section.

On its security aspect, LiteBit is adopting the security system called Two-Factor Authentification System. Not only that, but you can also get the feature like E-Wallet with its support systems such as integrated system and external support e-wallet. You can get the comprehended information if you register yourself on LiteBit.

LiteBit was once facing a hack in 2017 back then. Luckily, the user’s fund is all safe and sound. They only take all of the user’s personal information, starting from their real name, address, bank account, and several private information else. Today, LiteBit’s security system has been upgraded in order to prevent the same attacks or other protentional problems in the future.

If you are curious enough about LiteBit, you can visit their official website. The main language that used in the website is Dutch, but you can change the language to English, French, and German-based on your mother tongue. The language option is limited because the main focus of LiteBit is only to serve the Europeans. Sadly, if you are not a European, you cannot register as its member yet. Perhaps in the near future, LiteBit will expand its service to be able to provide the best Crypto exchange in the whole world.

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LiteBit Trading Fees

Same with the other trading platforms else. LiteBit also takes some fees over their service. The average price over their service is only 2% per purchase activity. Actually, there is a cheaper trading platform that only took lesser fees over their service, named Bitvavo. Bitvavo only charges you 0,25% per purchase activity and gives you a bonus of 0% commission in the very beginning when you register an account.

The exchange fees charged by LiteBit are various depending on the product that you buy. For example, if you buy a bitcoin, you will get a lower cost, but you have to pay the full 2% of the commission if you buy the other product. In 2024, LiteBit officially announced that any purchases on Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple are permanently getting the lower price immediately.

There is a method to make you get a lower price on LiteBit. All you have to do is use LiteBit Credit. A Litebit credit can be associated with €1. First of all, you need to understand that Litebit Credit is not a Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is a unique token that only can be used in LiteBit as the valid currency to buy the Cryptos. Luckily, if you have a LiteBit Credit, you can get a bonus discount from LiteBit.

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LiteBit Deposit and Markets

The withdrawal and deposit in LiteBit are not complicated as you may think before. All you have to do for deposit is fill the nominal to deposit, and it will be converted immediately. While for the withdrawal, you need to make sure that all of your coins are placed in the proper storage, and then you need to choose the payment method. After that, you only need to wait for it to be transferred to your bank account.

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