5 Teenagers Who Became Rich Because of Bitcoin

Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency that slowly gained popularity as the time from its launch passed by is getting more in its value year after year. Mining and investing in this cryptocurrency have become popular, and as the time of halving approaches and the potential increase in the value, even more people are being involved in it. Many young adults and teenagers got their fair share of the money from this currency, but some of them were more successful than others. There are ones that became very rich and gained a fortune from trading with this cryptocurrency. Who are they, and how did they do it? Find out in the text below.

1. Eric Fineman

Source: bxb.io

This teenager seems to have had a lot of luck when it comes to investing in this cryptocurrency. As known, bitcoin had its ups and downs, so the value at one point fluctuated extremely. What this guy did, is that he invested in the coin when the values were very low, somewhere around ten dollars per coin. The story goes that he borrowed the money from his grandma and took the whole amount to buy the coins. It seems that he was a very good move, since four years ago, his investment reached very high values, due to the increase in the value of the coin one hundred times. This has given him a very big amount of money as a payback.

Only two years after this, Erick sold his own company and asked to be paid in bitcoins, seeing this as an opportunity to gain more of this cryptocurrency since it seemed like he was good at investing in the coin and gaining money from them what is very interesting that with a bit of luck and selling the coins at the right time, Erick becomes a millionaire before his twentieth birthday, which is just to be admired too. Hopefully, his luck will not turn, and he will successfully trade coins in the future.

2. Charlie Shrem

Source: Medium

When it comes to young people who gained wealth and obtained millions from the bitcoin industry, it is impossible not to mention Charlie. Though he is now thirty, he did start investing and gaining money as he was in his early twenties, so he did gain a lot of funds and started building his fortune in his teenage age. As the bitcoin was very low in the values, just below five dollars per coin, he did bough a substantial amount of coins, and later as the values of the coins increased, and he did increase his amounts of bitcoins when the values were around the twenty dollars per coin. He increased in his fortune even more by making a platform the now serves as a place where the exchange of coins may occur.

3. Winklevoss twins

Source: The Frisky

These two brothers have had their fair share of the bitcoin cake. They were very young when they have started investing and gaining wealth in this field. Not only that, they have started to invest as the coins appeared on the market, making them one of the first and youngest that have done this, but they have been very smart in investing and did not rush into it but waited for the values to increase before the trade. They are famous for being the first ones to gain millions through this cryptocurrency. When it comes to their wealth, they did invest and made some breakthrough in technological advancements, which increased their net values.

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4. Changpeng Zhao

Source: RekDeck

This young adult has gained his fortune in the bitcoin industry by not only investing but also by making the platform that is now being used for trading and exchanging different cryptocurrencies. What is interesting for him is that he started as an investor in the cryptocurrency world, obtaining wealth, and later on, he increased his fortune by making a platform for the exchange of different coins.

5. Brian Armstrong

Source: Observer

He is well known in the cryptocurrency world, and he is one of the youngest that made a fortune in this field. Not only that he has the knowledge, but he was very lucky since he did use the increase in the values of the bitcoin, meaning that he did invest in the bitcoin as the values were very low, and then gained a fortune by trading them in the time of the peak in the values of the coin. This is a process that involves a lot of patience and good judgment when it comes to time to trade. Like all people that made it to the list, as well as the ones that have been profiting from them, it is essential to mention that he as well invested in different platforms for the cryptocurrency exchange. This has led to a very big increase in the net value of this man and makes him a billionaire in the cryptocurrency world. In addition to this, it is important to say that he did slowly increase his values, and he did the trading as well as investing in order to maintain the values.


It is evident that there are a lot of people that did make a fortune very young. As it comes to the fortune of the people that are investing and trade bitcoins, it is essential to mention that there is always the factor of luck when it comes to any investment, as well as a lot of patience while waiting for the values to increase. As seen in the examples above, most of these people started trading and then continued to invest and expand their fortune by making services related to the cryptocurrency itself.

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