Dental Practice’s Guide to Digital Marketing

If you want to increase your number of patients per month, one strategy that can help you is search engine optimization. Marketing your clinic online enables you to connect to your target audience easier.

With the right set of techniques for your campaign, you can widen the reach of your website and popularize posts on your social media so that you can garner more patients month after month.

SEO as a digital marketing tool enables you to keep abreast with the trends in your dental practice and send on-time updates to your patients so your stakeholders are all in tune with what’s happening in the clinic.

Here is a Dental Practice’s Guide to SEO so that you can attract more clients to your clinic:

1. Starts with a Mobile-Responsive Website


There is tough competition to gain the attention of your target market. You will need the best mobile-responsive website that sets you apart. You must stand out among the many dental clinics and tell a different story.

Captivate the needs of your target audience by highlighting what you do best. Telling the people how you can give them optimal dental care is your edge over your competitors, and you can show this through your mobile-responsive website.

If you can tell a compelling story of life-changing dental treatment through your site, you can attract more patients who want to make a difference in their lives. Choose a smooth-navigating site that is friendly for mobile use so that people on smartphones can easily access your dental clinic.

If your site is approachable and readable from their small, mobile screens, they will most likely send a chat message, email, or call your clinic to schedule an appointment, according to

2. Local SEO is Effective for Dentists

Another way for Dentists to dominate the city or town they want to provide services to is by implementing local SEO campaigns. Local targeting enables you to focus on the people near your clinic and can quickly pay a visit for tooth extraction, dental cleaning, braces adjustment, or fillings.

People in your neighborhood may be familiar with your clinic already, and with just a bit more information they will be happy to choose your clinic for their next dental checkup.

You can register your dental clinic in Google My Business to gain more visibility in local internet searches. List your clinic’s website URL, phone number, email, clinic hours, social media pages, address, location map, and reviews. Your efforts in local SEO, especially populating the internet with your clinic contact information, will pave the way for an increase in inquiries and sales conversions.

If you have not yet started collecting reviews from your previous and current patients, start now; and include it in your local directory listing information. The feedback or reviews from your clients help potential patients get an overview of how you conduct dental services, and they can make decisions based on the recommendations of your patients.

It pays to do your best and provide excellent dental services so your professional work output will speak for itself. You can also register your clinic in other local directory listings such as Yelp, Apple Maps, Yellow Pages, and Foursquare.

Local SEO has been the most beneficial strategy for medical practitioners, especially dentists, who are competing tightly for online clinic visibility.

3. Content Writing Connects you More to your Audience


Some people would like to have braces but are unsure how they look on their teeth. Writing more about your specific services will help these people cross the bridge from uncertainty to certainty in undergoing the treatment.

Explain in your content or blog the process the patients will undergo, how much it will cost, how much time the treatment will take, including recovery, and the misconceptions about the treatments or services.

Address these issues and encourage your patients to let go of their hesitations by knowing the facts. Offer payment options, including an installment schedule for braces or expensive treatments. Manage their expectations by telling them what could be the aftermath of the treatment and what are the best possible results for their condition.

Answer frequently asked questions regarding dental health, hygiene, treatment, and services, so you gain credibility in your dental practice. These contents and blogs can help you boost your professional image and gain more patients for your dental clinic.

4. Use Links Increases your Visibility Online

Promote your content and blogs by adding links to relevant sites and social media pages. Also, ask high-ranking sites if you can guest post and add links to your website. Maximize the potential of your social media pages by inviting influential personalities to mention your dental clinic’s name and website URL.

Links help build a rich community that talks about your dental services and attracts target audiences. Keep mentioning your clinic and the services you offer, and create events and promos to encourage people to participate and visit your clinic.

This is the fastest way to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and establish a strong brand presence on the internet.

Continue adding links to your content and blogs, and participate in online forums, podcasts, webinars, and YouTube guest vlogging to widen your marketing reach while increasing the visibility of your clinic’s website. Persuade your audiences to visit your physical clinic so they can have that long-awaited dental checkup.

Make sure to tone your key messaging professionally to keep your image under control on social media.

5. Monitoring Campaigns Keep you on Track


You can delegate all of the SEO tasks to a Digital Marketing specialist, but you should be hands-on with monitoring the progress of your campaigns.

You can check how you are improving with your SEO for Dentists efforts by checking these factors: rank in SERPs, keyword dominance, number of backlinks, conversion rate, and number of inquiries per month.

If you have chosen WordPress as your Content Management System and connected your website to Google Search Console, you can also access Google AdWords and Google Trends. These applications can help you trace how far your chosen keywords for your website have reached your SEO goals.

You can see how many people have clicked your website URL and how many people have gone from your social media site to your blog page to your check-out page. You can see the transition from one marketing funnel to another and how these steps help create a firm decision for your patients to choose your dental clinic.

You can also check which keywords people are more familiar with and are typing in the search bar. You may reconsider these keywords and fuse them with the words you use to describe the purpose of your clinic and highlight your range of services.

You should devote time to working around the factors that influence the ranking of your website and then analyze techniques that can boost the visibility of your clinic.

Final Words

You cannot go wrong with using SEO strategies to promote your new dental clinic or to further the cause of your professional service. SEO is your best buddy when campaigning for a new range of treatments and services or catering to a broader public to expand your influence.

Having an SEO-optimized website is the finest choice you can make to further the reach of your professional dental services.

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