Which Laptop Should You Prefer Between Dell and HP? Unbiased Comparison

Buying any consumer electronic item these days is very difficult because of the number of choices available in the market. The same goes for computers and laptops. If you are a pro or an enthusiast, then buying a laptop might be a straightforward thing for you. However, for the average consumer, this is the stuff of nightmares for them. Which processor should the laptop have? How much ram is enough? What type and how much storage should the laptop have? These are the questions that keep them scratching their heads.  However, the most common question that looms over their head is Should I buy a Dell or an HP? Well, keep reading this article we did with ObserverDesk to know the answer that question.

The very first thing you should consider before making a purchase and investing your money in a machine from Dell or HP is your own use case. Are you a student that only needs a machine for Microsoft Office and the occasional movie or are you a Video Editor that edits their footage in 4K or more? Once you figure that out and have a budget in mind let us go to their side-by-side comparison on whether we should go for HP or Dell.

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The very first thing we need to discuss about the laptops manufactured by these two brands are their aesthetics. When it comes to a laptop, Aesthetics are important. A person working on an aesthetically pleasing laptop also looks good to the people around them. The color of the laptop also defines the type of person one has. A business professional going to a board room meeting holding an alienware or other gaming laptops with huge heat sinks might be taken as someone who is unprofessional. Hence you should think about how the looks of your laptop relate to your profession.

Dell laptops have a very standard feel to them. They are very simple aesthetically speaking. You cannot distinguish what someone does professionally by just looking at their Dell laptop. They also offer a variety of colors and you can choose the laptop you like in whichever scheme you like.

HP laptops are more sophisticated. They work on their research and development and they usually make one machine in just one or very few colors. They look a lot more sophisticated and, in their prime, compared to the laptops by Dell.

You can go either way and we believe that you will not be wrong in choosing any one of them, however, a Dell laptop might have you confused on which color you might want.

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Once you figure out what type and how much budget you should allocate towards buying your brand spanking new laptop, you now should take both of their pricing into account.

Dell laptops are cheaper comparatively to their HP counterparts. The reason for them being a lot cheaper is that Dell offers their laptops to the consumer through retail. They do not need to maintain their own location or a setup which makes their laptop cost a lot less.

HP however has to factor in the cost of their own retail stores where they sell their laptops. Keeping those stores open is a cost that ultimately has to be borne by the customer hence making the laptops more expensive than their Dell counterpart.

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Features are particularly additional bells and whistles that laptop manufacturers throw in their machines to make the laptop a lot more feature rich then they actually are. These features are mostly redundant and not many are of much use, however some might be useful for some people.

HP has their strategy centered around laptops that caters to the entertainment aspect of the laptop. Watching a movie on an HP laptop on a budget is a lot better than watching the same movie on a Dell laptop. Their collaborations with companies like Beats by Dre and others are proof that they do care about the user experience when it comes to entertainment. Hence it is safe to say that HP laptops are extremely feature rich.

Dell laptops however have a lot less features due to their focus on the practicality of the machine for the customer in the long run. A laptop from Dell has great battery life and if the laptop is used carefully and is not always plugged in, then it can give you many years before it starts degrading.

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You also have to keep in mind once you want to buy a laptop is whether they have a laptop that falls in your price range with the features you want.

Dell has a huge range of laptops and you do not have to compromise for the money you are paying. Dell will always have a laptop for you regardless of which price range you might be in right now.

HP on the other hand is a lot more limited in their selection choice. You might even have to compromise with an HP and once you are ready to choose a laptop, you might even have to add to your budget to get the laptop you want. Dell is the clear winner when it comes to the range of the laptop.

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When it comes to warranty then it is Dell that is a clear winner. They have live support that is active 24 a day and if you cannot describe the problem you are having, they will connect directly to your computer to see what is the problem. If the problem cannot be solved through the phone, then going to a service center will do you good as their customer support will help you out. If they cannot and your laptop is under warranty, they will give you replacement, there and then.

HP, however, has helpful tutorials available on their YouTube channels which can help you solve your problem.

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