10 Best Refrigerators Under Rs. 25000 – 2024 Guide

Are you looking for a good fridge that you can buy for under Rs. 25000? Well, we have gathered all the information we could find and made a list of all reliable refrigerators. On our inventory, you will discover single and double door refrigerators, and their capacity goes from 250L to 350L. They consume around 200-300 units of electricity per year.

1. Samsung 253L Double Door (Rs. 19 390)

Source: Samsung

Samsung is a trusted brand. This Samsung refrigerator has a metal finish, and it seems like it is durable. The Moist Fresh Zone, which is a box that is found at the bottom, makes your fruits and vegetables fresh for an extended period. It has a tight seal that keeps moisture and humidity away, and its vent disposes of excess moisture and humidity.

Samsung 253L Double Dorr refrigerator has an All-around Cooling system, and the cold air is blown out through several vents that are found on every shelf. The shelves are Easy Slide Shelves. Digital Inverter Technology powers it, and it has an inbuilt voltage stabilizer.

2. Whirlpool 265L Double Door (Rs. 21 490)

Source: Croma

Whirlpool is another top brand. It has 6th SENSE Deep Free Technology, and in case of a power cut, the refrigerator maintains cooling. Chilling Gel is also found in it, as well as the FreshFlow Air Tower. You have a one-year warranty on the fridge and ten-year warranty on the compressor.

3. LG 260L Double Door (Rs. 23 490)

Source: LG

LG is excellent, too. A linear cooling system, the Inverter Linear Compressor function, door cooling system make this LG refrigerator an excellent one for such a price. 135-290V and is intended to endure energy inconstancies, so you don’t need to buy a separate voltage stabilizer.

4. Haier 276L Double Door (Rs. 23 499)

Source: Pai International

It has the capacity of 276L, and it comes with inbuilt stabilizer, just like the previous refrigerator on pour list. Turbo Icing and Swift Convertible Technology are great features that this refrigerator is offering. It has two energy saving modes, and you can save up to 30% of energy.

5. Whirlpool 240L Triple Door (Rs. 23 990)

Source: Snapdeal

This Whirlpool refrigerator has triple doors. It has 6th SENSE ActiveFresh Technology that is great for your fruit and vegetables. Air boosters are great too because it provides air circulation through the whole fridge.  It also has an inbuilt stabilizer.

6. Samsung 275L Double Door (Rs. 24 985)

(Best Option)

Source: Online Shopping – Arkarz

This one comes with a digital screen on the frontal door. LED display gives you a host of controls, like changing the temperature to turning on the Power Cool mode. It has slide shelves that can are removable, and the Power Freeze and Power Cool functions are great, too.

7. Godrej 330L Double Door (Rs. 23 990)

Source: CompareRaja

The refrigerator offers Cool Shower Technology, and it has shelves with built-in air vents. Quick Freeze feature and Aroma Lock are excellent things that this refrigerator can buy. Carbon Palladium deodorizer is also a useful feature, and Godrej 330L has a fantastic capacity that you can have for a price of under Rs. 30000.

8. Whirlpool 292L Double Door (Rs. 24 490)

Source: Amazon.in

Whirlpool 292L consumes 300 units of electricity annually. 6th Sense Intellifresh Technology is a fantastic feature – it retains moisture, cools faster and it provides the coldest temperatures for the freezer. Fresh Flow Air Tower is also great, and MicroBlock Technology helps fight bacteria.  In the vegetable box at the bottom, there is a Whirlpool’sHexafresh moisture lock technology.

9. Haier 320 L Frost Free Double Door (Rs. 25 490)

Source: Amazon.in

This is probably one of the best-designed refrigerators on our list. It has an inbuilt stabilization with reciprocatory compressor, and it consumes 300 units of electricity annually.

10. Panasonic 305 L Frost Free Double Door (Rs. 23 999)

Source: Vijay Sales

Panasonic’s latest design. Premium steel finish door and inbuilt stabilizer are beautiful features. This frost free refrigerator has an inverter compressor and six power settings. Silver Air Filter and a Twin De-Odoriser help fight bacteria and reduce the lousy smell from your food. Veg Jumbo box is used to store fruit and vegetables, and it has toughened glass shelves. The LED light inside the fridge is also very convenient for when you go out at night looking for a snack.

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