How to Improve Your Skills & Performance In Free Fire – 2024 Guide

All players are trying very hard to improve their skills and performances when it comes to some game. Investing a lot of time playing the game, better focus and concentration, as well as practice, are key to access. Logically, when someone puts in an effort, he can expect to see positive results because every effort pays off! However, sometimes you can search for reliable pieces of information and find some tricks you can use.  That will allow you to change your strategies and improve your skills and performances in the game.

In order to help you achieve that, we prepared this article where you can find some easy yet very effective tips and strike your enemies very powerful in Free Fire. As a result, you can become a much better player than you are currently. Because of that, let’s get to the point and find out that together!

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Free fire redeem code tip

We have good news for all Free Fire players. Believe it or not, there is actually an alternative way to get various advantages and rewards that this game provides. For instance, you can get some free characters, emotes, weapon skins, and other things with special redeem codes. Every redeem code has 12 unique characters and all players need to know the fact that all redeem codes work only for one time. If you are interested to find more about these codes, such as the answers to the questions about how to use them, when they are released, and so on, you can check the free fire redeem code guide. By using this opportunity, improvement of your skills will be a lot easier process.

Tip for avoiding shotgun bullets – crouch!

When it comes to shotguns, it is well known that they can cause huge damage to players. However, these guns can release only one bullet per shot. Also, they need a long period of time to reload ammo. For that reason, you can take advantage of this reloading period and avoid being killed by crouching. In other words, every time the enemy fires at you with this shotgun, you should crunch. After that, when you already avoided the damage, you should stand up and fire back while he is reloading ammo.

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Tips For Attacks in House

One more tip you should be aware of is to use a grenade before you rush into the house. After you throw the grenade, the explosion will cause a big part of the damage to your enemy that is located inside of the house. So, when you rush inside, you will kill them more easily. This is actually such simple, yet effective advice. Besides this, you should move very quietly when you are entering the house. To achieve that, we suggest you press the medkit button and you will manage to reach your goal. If you are wondering why this is so important – the answer is simple! The enemy will not expect to see you, and they will be very surprised and unprepared for the attack. You will come unnoticeable and start attacking immediately.

Tips You can use For Auto Headshot

There is one very important thing you should know when it comes to default aim precision. If you belong to the group of people who use the default aim precision, you should expect that the firing result will not be the same as you expected. Instead of choosing auto-aim mode, you should rather choose the so-called “precise on scope” mode. Once you make changes, you will see that you can give headshots very easily and quickly. As a result, you will kill more enemies.

We will give you a short guide instruction for an auto headshot. The steps included in this guide are following. You should first crouch, after that scope zoom in, and then crouch once again. As the last step, you should fire. Let’s analyze all the steps. When you are crunching, you will avoid enemy fire and have enough time to touch the scope button. After that, you need to put the aiming point to the enemy’s head and, logically, start firing. One more headshot tip refers to the jump shot. In other words, when you jump, the enemy will have trouble aiming your head. Additionally, it is much easier to aim an enemy’s head from a higher position.

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Tips When you are Swimming

One of the most important tips that refer to swimming is to switch weapons in order to swim faster. Unfortunately, many players do not know this trick. However, you can take advantage of that and use this as an opportunity to swim much faster than them. In general, there is one rule in the Free Fire game that all players know about – do not stay too long in the water because you are vulnerable there and the enemy can kill you easily. This rule counts because you can not fire and use weapons while you are under the water, so when the enemy starts to fire you, you do not have an opportunity to return the fire. So, next time you need to cross the water, we suggest you follow the strategy we mentioned above and increase the speed of your player’s swimming.

Practice In Clash Squad Daily Tip

If you want to improve your skills and performances when it comes to the Free Fire game, we suggest you start playing the clash squad. This is actually one of the best ways to practice shooting skills, as well as, creating an effective gloo wall in this game.

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Interestingly, many players become pro players and improve their skills by playing clash squad mode game. More precisely, this represents a training room where you can prepare yourself for harder matches. Additionally, when you are playing this game mode, your squad will fight against some other team. One of the best things in this mode is the fact that you will be revived all the time, immediately after you have been killed. As a result, you will become a better player by playing at least two squad matches every day. When it comes to all games, you need to keep in mind that working hard will bring you results. So, we suggest you invest time and practice daily if you want to become a pro player.

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