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6 Best Laptops Under Rs.15000 in India 2024

We can’t help noticing that laptop sale is decreasing year by year, and we absolutely know the reason – smartphones and tablets are taking over. As follows, smartphones evolved into complex machines that can fit in your hand and tables are now more accessible than ever. We wouldn’t agree with the people who think that the days of laptops are over. Absolutely not true, and no matter how many smartphones can do, a laptop is, after all, a computer with a purpose (even that is only Netflix and you are not a fan of small displays) and that is a fact.

On the other hand, people are already paying a lot for their new phones with multitasking possibilities and huge amounts of space, etc, and they are not ready to pay more for a laptop too. So, basic laptops with an affordable price are a big yes now.

Companies have noticed that and the production of simple, lightweight laptops blossomed. Prices are in the range of Rs. 10000 and Rs. 15000 which is a very reasonable price for these models of laptops and customers love it! What is worth to mention is that laptops offer all basic services such as web browsing and email access and much more. Also, it is travel-friendly and handy mostly designed for business purposes.

1. iBall Examplaire+ (Rs. 13 999)

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iball Examplaire+  has 14 – inch display and 7th Gen Intel Atom processor. The model also can support 4GM RAM and 32GB internal storage. Also, it can extend the storage up to 1TB with the use of a micro SD card slot. It supports Windows 10 program. However, the only major flaw of this model is that the battery quality is not that good as with other brands, and it can offer only two hours of battery life largest.

2. Asus Vivo Celeron Dual Core (Rs. 14 999)

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Asus is a well – known and quality brand; thus, it has good models even if it serves for the basic purposes only. The model is small and lightweight, usually for business purposes and it is suitable for travel. The laptop is only 0.99 grams heavy and has 11.6 – inch display. Still, it has very impressive specifications:

  •    1.1 GHz Intel Celeron Dual Core
  •    2GB RAM
  •    32GB storage
  •    Windows 10 Home out of the box

Moreover, the battery life is quite good and it can offer you around six hours of work after charging. This one is quite impressive on its price, don’t you think?

3. iBall CompBook M500 Celeron (Rs. 12 999)

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iBall Comp Book is the synonym for a thin and light laptop which makes it perfect for travel and transport. Also, it has good specifications; it comes with the 14 – inches Full HD LED Backlit IPS display and has a Celeron Dual Core processor. Plus, it has an Intel Integrated HD500 graphics processor. Moreover, it has:

  •    4GB RAM
  •    32GB internal storage
  •    Battery life 5 hours

4. iBall Netbook CompBook Exemplaire (Rs. 11 499)

(Best option)

Source: Amazon

iBall Netbook is probably the best laptop you can get for this amount of money. It comes with the 14 – inch HD display which is more than good. Also, its processing capability is excellent; it has quad-core Intel Atom processor with 2GB RAM. As follows, it supports Windows 10 which means it can fulfill basic tasks. Internal storage is 32GB. However, you can add a microSD card or use the external hard drive; it supports both. Additionally, it offers:

  •    Touchpad with multi-touch functionality
  •    0.3 Megapixel Webcam
  •    Dual Speakers
  •    Battery life 8 hours


5. iBall Netbook CompBook Excellence (Rs. 10 680)

Source: Snapdeal

This model is just as good as the previous one. However, it comes in a smaller package. Both have similar specifications, and the only major difference is in screen size. This one has 11.6 – inch display, therefore it is significantly smaller than the previous one. Furthermore, it comes including:

  •    Quad-core Intel Atom Processor
  •    2GB DDR3 RAM
  •    32GB inbuilt storage
  •    MicroSD card up to 64GB
  •    10000 mAh battery

6. MICROMAX Canvas Lapbook L1161 (Rs. 11 000)

Source: Shop Gadgets Now


This model also shares most of its specifications with the previous two models; nevertheless, the producers of the model claim that the battery life can last up to 11 hours, which is quite impressive. Regarding the specifications, it comes with:

  •    11. 6 – inch display
  •    Intel Atom Quad-core processor
  •    Windows 10 OS
  •    32GB storage
  •    Option for microSD card
  •    Dual Speakers
  •    VGA Webcam


Here are few laptops under the price of Rs. 15000 and we sincerely hope that we help you with this list. These are very best laptops you can find for this price that can offer you decent functions and provide you with basic services such as email, business meetings, web browsing, etc. As you can see, most of the models are lightweight and easy to transport which is a big plus, and it proves that they were usually designed for someone who travels often and uses it as a digital notebook with basic computer options. Our warm recommendation is model iBall Netbook CompBook Exemplaire because of its specifications and an incredible price for it. Yet, no matter what you choose, for these amounts of money, you can’t go wrong!

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