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8 Pros and 3 Cons of Call Center Automation

Call centers and call center businesses have changed in the last couple of years drastically due to constant upgrades and evolving of the business & businesses worldwide. Due to AI chatbots, every customer is left with quick & exceptional service whenever there is an inquiry that needs to be solved. Are you also thinking about making this switch in your company? Keep on reading and understand what call center automation is, as well as what are its pros & cons.

What is customer automation?

This is a process where humans are taking a break from solving everyday inquiries, yet are being replaced by machines or robots that can operate at top speed and do some tasks for the company swiftly. The process is done through:

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Top 8 pros of call center automation

Every function or every action does have its pros & cons. When it comes to the pros of call center automation, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Reduces customer service costs

Customer service can be a lot more profitable with the help of automation. You are most likely going to save up to 40% on service costs, and you can direct that sum of money elsewhere in your business. Your workflow will increase since bots are trying to satisfy the customer without worrying about their daily goals or metrics that regular employees might want and try to reach.

  1. Improves speed & efficiency

If your response time is short and straight to business your customers will appreciate your workflow and they will think of your site and your business as trustworthy. There will be no annoying process of bouncing back one customer from one agent to the other. No needed assistance either, everything is sorted out quickly and swiftly.

  1. Better understanding of the queue

Team collaboration is no longer an issue and you won’t wonder who owns the support ticket, or what is the next step that you or your teammates should do. Automation can do most of the complaints on its own, and it can go through the system faster than an actual human. Automation can flag a ticket for review if it doesn’t change after a week without you interfering with it.

  1. Constant support

You can’t work for the entire day, while your bot can. Automated service allows you to enjoy your lunch at peace and without being afraid of the outcome. Chatbots will collect contact information from leads without filling out any forms. They will be at 24/7 service and are easier to rely on.

  1. Stay on brand

Automation allows you to present yourself however you want! If your brand is all about one certain phrase or it is about a particular song, the bot will do the mimic of it for you! You won’t have to repeat the phrase or get tired of constant amusement for the client. Everything can align with your brand in a matter of minutes, and only through a couple of clicks!

  1. Fewer human errors

No one is going to make constant mistakes, and the process is a lot faster. Your agents might rely on instinct and intuition, while automated robots don’t have to conduct an in-depth analysis in every call. The process is a lot more methodical, as well as convenient for all parties involved.

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  1. Modern approach

Younger generations are all about approaching and embracing the new trend, as well as loads of different technological developments. Gen-Z’s are comfortable solving problems by themselves, and it seems like this trend will continue for sure. They don’t need any assistance when it comes to online agents, and they know how to fill out every form that is required and needed.

  1. You get to manage your team with ease

Running a team of call center agents is easier and more efficient. Why? You don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to manage them, and you don’t need to supervise them. You can sit back and relax, let the process resolve on its own.

What are the cons of automated service?

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  1. No human touch

For people who love that human touch and approach, this process might lack a lot of it. This is going to feel robotic and cold since it is so straight to business. There is no empathy and you can end up harming your brand if people expect more from you, and from your support system. At times it is also possible for bots to turn a simple question into an explosive complaint, so heads up since it can go south.

  1. Can’t solve something complex

Artificial intelligence has never been good at solving complex customer issues or inquiries. AI-based customer platforms will require human assistance. If you wish to avoid any complaints and you are trying to solve the issue for your brand right away you might want to look into some queries on your own.

  1. You might face security issues

Last, but not least, some businesses have a central access point for all of their business. This might be an issue since often data can leak and hackers can get some sensitive information about your company. Make sure that you are protected and that you go for the best solution for your brand or your firm.

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Is customer service automation for you?

Lastly, are you going to make this step and fully go automatic? Ready to make a change in your company? If so, why not go with Replicant AI? The brand was founded on the belief that machines can be useful and that they can do complex conversations, as well as most of the human tasks completely on their own. They believe that their machines can listen closely, think quickly, as well as take action at the right time! Thanks to them you’ll see higher consistency and better accuracy, as well as faster resolution time in no time! Ideal for smaller & larger businesses who are willing to make this transition.

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