10 Best Fitness Trackers with Heart Rate Monitor in India 2024

There is a wide variety of fitness trackers available to buy, but it is not always easy to find the right one that will suit your needs. You may need a waterproof one if you are an active swimmer. On the other hand, if you are a biker, the tracker with GPS is probably the one you are searching for. If you are looking for a fitness tracker that has a heart rate monitor, we are here to show you which ones are the best.

1. Garmin Forerunner 935 (Rs. 42,990)

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This smartwatch is easy to wear and very comfortable. Garmin Forerunner 935 has QuickFit bands that you can change and choose the one that is most comfortable for you. The bands are come in metal, silicone, and leather, and are sold separately. The heart rate monitoring system of this watch is wrist-based. This smartwatch has several activity profiles, including the ones for cycling, hiking, swimming, running, and strength training.

2. Apple Watch Series 4 (Rs. 40,900)

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Apple Watch Series 4 is a great match for you if you want to be able to send texts and make calls from your smartwatch. It also has a heart rate sensor and Siri to help you get directions. Not only can you stream 40 million songs on your Apple Watch, but you can also get notifications from your iPhone on it.

3. Nokia Steel HR (Rs. 28,287)

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The Nokia Steel HR is one of the most quality smartwatches that have a heart rate monitor because of its battery that can last up to 25 days. If you are a fan of classic and minimalistic design, this smartwatch will undoubtedly catch your eye.

4. TomTom Spark 3 (Rs. 27,999)

(Best option)

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This HRM fitness sports watch has a built-in Cardio GPS tracker. Not only does it have many sports modes, but it also features an optical heart rate sensor that is wrist-based. If you love to listen to music while running or hiking, this watch can connect with your Bluetooth headset. TomTom Spark 3 also has a very useful feature which can display route map on the screen.

5. Garmin vívoactive HR (Rs. 15,990)

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This Garmin vívoactive HR can provide data about burned calories as well as to measure the heart rate. It is an excellent match for anyone who enjoys biking, golf, running, paddle boarding, rowing, swimming, snowboarding, and skiing. The built-in GPS in this smartwatch is very precise, and the battery is long-lasting.

6. Garmin Vívosport (Rs. 15,990)

Source: Amazon.com

Garmin Vívosport smartwatch tracks the HRV (heart rate variability), and it features a heart rate monitor sensor which is useful for collecting data and monitoring your heart’s activity as well as your body’s stress level.

7. Fitbit Alta HR (Rs. 15,604)

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This sleek smartwatch can notify you about your texts, calls, and even your calendar. It is excellent for tracking the distance, steps, and active minutes as well as burned calories. Its battery is very long-lasting, and it can hold up for up to 7 hours.

8. Fitbit Charge 3 (Rs. 11,990)

Source: Amazon.com

This fitness tracker will not only monitor your heart rate and track your daily activities, but it will also provide you with a cardio fitness score that is personalized. Although the Fitbit Charge 3 does not come with a built-in GPS, it is water resistant to 50m.  It is safe to wear this watch in the rain, but not during swimming.

9. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro (Rs. 9,490)

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This Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro fitness tracker syncs the heart rate monitor with the fitness applications, and it collects details about the heart while you do your sports activities. The built-in Bluetooth will make sure you receive any notification, text, or call without carrying your phone with you.

10. Polar A370 (Rs. 14,945)

Source: Amazo.com

The Polar Company is very well-known for producing tracking watches that have GPS, as well as making heart rate sensors. Polar A370 is a fitness tracker that is able to track any activities and heart rate no matter what you are doing because it has a heart rate tracking that is active throughout the day. Polar A370 has a battery that can last up to 2 days, even though it does not have a GPS that is built-in.

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