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comp.std.c++ frequently asked questions

last updated 10 December 2008

NOTE: The technical issues which took comp.std.c++ offline have been resolved, and the newsgroup should be working as usual.
  1. comp.std.c++: administrative issues
  2. The C++ standard and the standardization committee
  3. The C++ language

A. comp.std.c++: administrative issues

  1. What is comp.std.c++'s moderation policy?
  2. How can I tell whether my post belongs in comp.std.c++, in comp.lang.c++, or somewhere else?
  3. How do I submit a posting to comp.std.c++?
  4. What if my article doesn't appear?
  5. What if I made a mistake in my article and I want to cancel or amend it?
  6. Who moderates comp.std.c++? How can I get in touch with them?
  7. Is there an archive of comp.std.c++ postings?
  8. What are some other online resources that are relevant to comp.std.c++?
  9. Who maintains this FAQ? How can I contact them?
  1. What is comp.std.c++'s moderation policy?
  2. Quoting from the charter: comp.std.c++ is for technical announcements and discussion of the ANSI/ISO C++ standardization process and the C++ standard, and for discussion of the design and standardization of the C++ language and libraries. Other discussion that is directly related to the C++ standard (not related merely to C++ programming techniques) is also welcome. Posts should be cogent and free from personal attacks.

    RFC 1855 (Netiquette Guidelines, by Sally Hambridge) describes generally accepted standards that apply to comp.std