How Uber Uses Technology to Improve Their Drivers Safety

We are not always able to get from one place to another in the fastest way. And what is the fastest way? Well, of course, it’s your own vehicle! There are times when we can not go somewhere with our own vehicle, so there is often a need to call a taxi. Taxi transportation is the best option in such cases when we need to go somewhere and we need to arrive on time. Public transport is out of the question because it is a slower transport that takes more time to transport and therefore at the start is an option. Wondering what is the best option for taxi shipping? Sure, it’s Uber.

What is Uber you are wondering? It is the latest type of taxi transport that has broken the popularity records in the past ten years. It appears for the first time in the western part of the world where from the very beginning it was accepted as a great option by travelers. It is an interesting concept that is very worthwhile. It is a taxi transport in which ordinary people participate. Yes, you can be a taxi driver because you have a car and all you have to do is get in touch with the company, get a windshield sticker and download the driver app and start you are looking for people who need transportation, and there are many of them on the streets.

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Otherwise, this transport proved to be very efficient. Everyone who has been to an Uber vehicle at least once says that it is always on time and that even later than expected if you leave home you will arrive on time. This is primarily due to the professionalism of the drivers, and secondly due to the efficiency of the concept that always sends the closest vehicle to your home that picks you up and drives you safely from your location to the location where you need to arrive. Otherwise, this company always takes care of that first of all to provide safety to its passengers, and then to provide safety for its drivers as well. It does this in many ways. Above all, this is achieved with the code of ethics and the training that is done for the new drivers who become part of this system of passenger transport. The company then tries to use the technology to improve safety while in the vehicle. Wondering how to do it? There are several ways uber tries to do this, and if you want to find out who they are you will need to stay with us until the end of this article and find out more, why we bring you the answers. If you are ready, we can start!

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  1. The Uber app has advanced features and warns of driving safety – it is a company with an advanced way of working and advanced features in operation. When we say advanced we mean their operating system, ie the mobile application which has advanced features that provide security for both the driver and the passenger. Thus, this application issues warnings for many things such as crowds, places where there are inaccessible areas where you can not drive if the driver speeds up too much and many other advanced features that thanks to the new technology make the application great assistant, but also guardian. Additionally, in order not to leave all the security of the application, Uber takes care of its hired drivers to be safe and insured, you can find out more about that from who always have the correct insurance information. Uber passengers are always safe, and drivers are even safer!
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  2. Advanced features track the vehicle’s location as it moves – in addition to safety in terms of the application and its advanced features, Uber also boasts another advanced feature they have.  Wondering what it is?  This is the location monitoring of the vehicles. It is perhaps one of the smartest things that this company can do for its passengers, but also for its employees.  Thanks to the new technology, this company has successfully implemented smart GPS devices that always show and monitor the exact location of the vehicle. Initially, it is to always show the exact location for the passenger to know how far the vehicle is, and secondly to prevent loss of the driver in unknown areas or an accident such as a car accident so that the driver of the vehicle can be easily found.  This is a very useful option that is very helpful for the company but also good for the safety of the driver.
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  3. Before a driver joins the Uber community, vehicle and driver reviews are done – it is very important for a company to set its operating conditions right from the start. Thus, it is important for Uber to make a thorough check of the vehicle and the driver at the very beginning before it starts driving passengers with the help of the unified application that this company uses. It starts with a driver review. The inspections are unified and specially designed for this company and are used with special techniques and technologies that help monitor the full and overall capacity of the driver.  Everything is checked from the aspect of health, psychology and of course from the aspect of other areas, which could give a complete picture of the driver. Next is an overview of the vehicle. Uber has a special computerized center where vehicles are checked to find out if everything is OK with the vehicle and if it is ready for the road and people can be transported with it. Once all this is done, a decision is made and if everything is in order, the driver can start driving passengers safely for himself and for them.
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When a company like this cares so much about both its employees and its drivers, you can clearly see how important it is to be safe.  Therefore, try to stay safe and secure, first for yourself, and then for the safety of everyone else.

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