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Typical Mistakes in C# Programming

C Sharp, or better known as C#, is an object-oriented programming language used in many different applications. It has found its niche in solutions for Windows and mobile environments. This programming language also allows the implementation of server applications. However, it is suitable to program applications for distributed and embedded …

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Regression Testing Best Practices: Strategies and Tools for Efficient and Effective Testing

Testing is more vital than development in the application development lifecycle and must not be neglected because a broken application with many features might cost money and lose a user base. Regression testing is one of the numerous types of testing that a QA team performs before the application is …

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Exploring Agile Management in Software Development

The world pandemic has proved that the business environment is unpredictable, and is a subject to continuous transformation. Traditional methods of business adaptation do not work anymore. Organizations are seeking new techniques and methods of getting advantages on the market. Agile principles have become not a necessity but an indispensable …

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