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How to Stay Safe While Surfing the Internet – 2024 Guide?

In the era of the Internet, staying secure and protected from malware and potential cyberattack is crucial, especially because we are all using online payments, online shopping, and providing our data to many websites and social networks. Also, having only the anti-virus for your PC is not enough, and there …

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Data Breaches in 2019 and What We Can Learn From Them

This is one of the essential things that is taught to us since childhood. Learning from mistakes, be it your mistakes or others’ mistakes. Each mistake that you commit or see must be followed by a lesson that can be carried forward and kept in mind for the future. 2019 …

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Signing In to Windows 10 the Way You Want

Sometimes it can be frustrating when Big Tech companies force us to fit in with their latest ways of doing things. It can be particularly frustrating when the old way of doing things suited us fine and suddenly we are forced to do something in a different way. An example …

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