Online Surveys: How Many Ways Can Your Business Benefit From Them?

The internet brought a large variety of marketing tools that either didn’t exist before or became much easier to use, in the digital era. This second option is what defines online surveys. Although they were available, before the World Wide Web was created, they were reserved to only large companies, as they were costly. But online surveys are not simply used for marketing purposes today. Here are the many ways your company can benefit from them.


Before you even start your project

We all feel like we come up with great ideas, now and then. However, how the others see those, can entirely change your mind about the validity of your thoughts. If you are convinced about your project, you just may decide to jump right into it, by opening a company and initiate the process of bringing it to its potential customers. However, you may find out, too late, that your idea wasn’t such a great one, after all.

With an online survey, read more here, you can reduce this danger by 96 % or more. There is always a small percentage of error in a survey, no matter how it is held (by phone or online), but you will definitely know if your product or service will be attractive to potential clients, if you start by asking the right questions, in an online survey. That is because this tool is the best, when it comes to market studies. The trick is to ask the right questions. Otherwise, you may believe that you have a winner, when you actually don’t. It is quite common. Therefore, you need to test your questions with people around you, and those you believe have a need for your brilliant idea. If you end-up with answers that don’t clear your mind, then go back to the board, and write new ones, until you are fully satisfied.


To hit the Mark

You may have the best product or service on the market, you still might not get to succeed, if you don’t know how to package it and bring it to market. Understanding your customers’ needs is crucial in getting them to buy what you are selling. Of course, it starts with the right price. If you are too expensive, they will go somewhere else. To learn what the average acceptable price would be, you can have one of the questions in the survey asking: “How much would you be willing to pay for such a product/service?”

Then the message becomes the difference-maker. Can you get the people to see your material as the one they would prefer to buy, over other similar ones on the market? What is it that they are buying when they select one of your items? Are they looking for quality over the price? Security over handling? These are all questions that you can ask to learn what your market wants from you. Once you have that in hands, it becomes child’s play to prepare a marketing campaign, that will be adjusted according to all the information you will have accumulated. Of course, you still need a good marketing director, to put it all together, in one great campaign.


To learn about Your Customer’s Satisfaction

It is hard enough to find customers, if you lose them afterwards, because of poor customer service, this can be a recipe for disaster. The cost of gaining a customer justifies easily the time you will take to prepare an online survey about the service provided by your employees. In fact, it should be presented with every sale you make. The buyers will see it as a respectful thing to do, and if they are not satisfied, you will be in a position to change their mind, by going the extra mile for them. If you don’t know of their unsatisfaction, you will surely lose them, without ever knowing why. And they certainly won’t care enough to inform you of the reasons, wasting even more time with your company, by doing so.


To learn about Your Employees Satisfaction

If you have a customer service issue, it just might be because your employees are not happy working for you. There may be many different reasons why that would be, that obviously don’t necessarily have to do with you, personally. Maybe there is a rotten apple inside your walls, that is putrefying the air, inside your office. Maybe their financial conditions are too different from the competition, which gets them to work less and treat customers not as well as they should. Taking the pulse of employees is something that should be done at least once a year, preferably twice. With an online survey, it becomes so easy, that you have no reason not to use them regularly.


An Easy Process

If you are worried that the process will be complicated, you shouldn’t. In fact, that is probably the best part of it. With apps, which you can find on the web, you only have to worry about the questions. Once that is done, it will be easy for you to use their templates to position these questions inside a professional-looking survey. Then, you will simply have to position it wherever you want to, for distribution. The app will help you do so, in whichever form it will need to be, according to the tool used (on a website, through e-mail, phone messages,). Finally, the last step, which is the most important one, will also be provided to you on the app: analyzing the data collected.

Large companies were willing to invest a lot of money into surveys, before the arrival of the internet. That’s because they understood the power of information. Knowing your customers and your employees’ needs should be your number one concern, whatever the industry sector you are working in. If you don’t, sooner or later problems will start. Initially, maybe you have such a great product that everyone wants to buy it, as it comes out. But it will be copied soon, and better than yours. You will then have to adapt. But if you don’t know what people want, how will you do this? Through an online survey, of course…

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