What You Should Know About Healthcare Lighting

Healthcare environments can be improved by proper lighting! Who would have thought so?! There is no other environment on the planet that is as light-sensitive as healthcare. Lights are needed in all areas in a healthcare facility, no matter its size, location, or even capacity.

Healthcare environments need sufficient lights to guide patients intelligently throughout the building. The smart lights also illuminate work areas that require 100 percent sanitary.
Due to the dynamics in healthcare, an intelligent lighting system is all that is needed in healthcare. Led iBond offers the best solutions in healthcare lighting, and they have some amazing must-see products!

What Is Smart Lighting Technology?

Smart lighting is a lighting system that is connected to the internet for intelligent healthcare facilities. The lighting system uses artificial intelligence to make decisions and follow some strict schedules. Healthcare smart lighting is controlled remotely by using a mobile app, voice-activated personal assistants, or conditions based on IFTTT technology.

The smart lights have multiple colors; thus, they can be set depending on the use area. Elegant lamps in the healthcare sector can be set as reminders for daily activities. They can also be set to blink to signify different times like mealtime or medicine time. Ledibond has an exemplary lighting system that caters to all healthcare needs.

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Smart Lighting Solutions

The following are some of the areas where smart lighting can be used in healthcare.

  • Intelligent corridor and stairwell lighting
  • Elevator ceilings and lights
  • Floor grazers for orientation and night lighting
  • Overhead reception and under-counter lighting

What Are The Advantages Of Using UV-Lights?

  1. Ledibond uses Ultraviolet (UV) light in its smart lighting technology. The New UV LEDs have numerous advantages that most people won’t be able to resist!
  2. Ultraviolet light eliminates bacteria and it demolishes viruses.
  3. UV LEDs technology can be used for purifying air and water.
  4. The smart lighting technology can be used for miniaturized, hand-held equipment for disinfecting surfaces and components.
  5. UV-C LEDs can inactivate a wide range of pathogens like MRSA, E-Coli, and Pseudomonas.
  6. UV-C LEDs make the technology highly suitable for applications within the UV disinfection industry.
  7. The UV_C LEDs lights contain no environmental contaminants.
  8. The lights can be switched off and on indefinitely, proving a lasting lighting solution in the healthcare industry in the long run.
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What Healthcare Lighting Offers: Main Pointers

Healthcare lighting has a single mission of delivering high-quality lighting systems. The smart lighting system should contribute to positive patient outcomes. The healthcare environment has specific needs that can only be met by intelligent technology, which is nowadays easily accessed, as long as you have the right resources!

The intelligent lighting technology should enhance the patient experience and, at the same time, enable caregiver effectiveness and performance. The intelligent lights have intuitive controls, and they are easy to maintain. The smart lights offer powerful illumination and color accuracy.

Brightness and color accuracy is needed for the medical team’s understanding of clean rooms, exam rooms, and surgical suites. The elegant patient room requires tailored light levels, which can only be provided by smart lighting technology. The luminaire light levels enhance visual comforts for the patient’s experience. Each light is different and should be catered per your preference, or the room and its main setting/purpose.

Why Smart Healthcare Lighting Is A Good Choice

Smart lighting in healthcare has the following benefits that you will appreciate:

  • They provide effective illumination
  • Address stringent infection control standards
  • Mitigate EMI interference
  • Support strict cleaning protocols

The healthcare lighting design should factor in a human-centric approach. The approach should not sacrifice the rigorous requirements for space. Ledibond offers the best medical lighting systems that meet the industry’s certified performance standards.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Ledibond Smart Lighting Technology?

Although the initial cost of installation is high, it is worthwhile to invest in smart lighting. The following are some of the benefits of smart lights in a healthcare environment.

  • Smart lighting saves electricity in the long run and cuts your bills.
  • It is remotely controlled, thus reduces the spread of infections, and is quite safe to use.
  • It is user-customized, thus suitable for the different lighting lights in a healthcare environment.
  • It is flexible, thus can be installed anywhere for different purposes and per your wish/command.

Top 3 Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About These Lights

1. How the light can make an impact on your health

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Proper set-up and an amazing lighting system will help with several different key points for both men and women. Some of these main reasons are a better visual task and a brighter overall mood. Better visual tasks will help with the performance that is done by you or your doctor!

2. No depression or dementia

Source: Harvard Health – Harvard University

Did you know that over 11 studies believe that bright light can help with depression among patients?! In fact, exposure to any form of bright light is similarly effective in reducing depression. This is especially important for people who are struggling or dealing with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which can make an impact on people who live in a colder country that doesn’t have loads of sun.

3. Helps with vitamin D

Source: Irish Cancer Society

A photochemical process happens in our body because of vitamin D. It can be derived by light, and most people will metabolize it through sun rays, or proper gear. However, some studies believe that a full-spectrum fluorescent light can help with your vitamin D absorption. Once you combine the right light with your vitamin D supplement, you will be sun-kissed!

Want To Have The Best Lighting?

Who would have thought that a simple set-up can be so basic, right? As you can see, you can have loads of fun with the right smart light technology! There are always way more pros than cons when it comes to your light investment and proper set-up, especially if you find yourself or if you work at the healthcare industry or facility. Since now you know some key facts about the lighting system and how it can make an impact on our bodies and your general mood, would you be willing to make a slight change or a new purchase? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below, we would love to know!

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