Can Bad Weather Affect Satellite TV?

Satellite television is a wireless system that transmits television signals through telecommunication satellites. The first association is the dish that stands on the roofs of houses or buildings and connects to the receiver and the TV.

As we said, one of the first associations is satellite dishes. Through these, a signal is received and sent. The signal must precede the path before you can watch it. The signal transmits high-quality data, compression must be made to accommodate the use. Compression removes anything you don’t need. The most commonly used compression is MPEG, which completes the process very quickly and allows you to watch many channels. After that, encryption happens.

Previously, installing this was a costly and complicated investment. The dishes were much larger. The installation equipment for the DVB-S2 system was much more expensive and the process of selecting and tuning channels very complicated. Today, providers allow you to buy channel packages as well as cable TV.

Unfortunately, there are events and conditions that are beyond your control. Then the logical question is …

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Can bad weather adversely affect signal reception?

Of course, it can. The weather causes many atmospheric changes, which turn out to be a channel for the transmission of signals. Occurrences such as thunderstorms, clouds, rain or even wind are problems that cause communication problems by introducing electromagnetic and other waves. These waves can interfere with satellite signals, resulting in communication difficulties or at least a decrease in bandwidth.

However, there is another interesting phenomenon that goes without saying, but no one talks about it. It’s about time in space. Yes, believe it or not, there is such a thing as space-time. Usually, none of us have ever questioned this, but when we start dealing with space and have satellites operating there, we inevitably see that the conditions in the space environment need to be taken into account.

Of course, there is no rain in the universe or anything like that, but there are other phenomena that are equally influential or more. Most of the impact in areas near Earth is the Sun. The levels of solar radiation vary naturally and can become very important when there are so-called solar flares, which, among other things, increase the light pressure on the satellite. This can cause it to lose focus and therefore lose communication.

What if it is raining?

Let’s go back to earthly problems. Often, your signal may be interrupted and prevent you from continuing watching TV. Rain is one of the main problems that can happen to you because it reduces the signal being received, according to tv-aerials-uk.

As a consequence, digital distortion occurs. Although it is impossible to completely neutralize, here is how you can reduce the impact. Find the option to amplify the signal and move the antenna in the menu. If it’s not already up to par, then do it. Another way is to get rain protection that will definitely help. And if you live in a place where rain falls very often, then get the specialized equipment that exists for that purpose.

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Heavy Winds Can Damage the Picture?

So sometimes a satellite signal cannot be received due to the wind. We have some simple tips and tricks you can use if your picture or sound is not perfect.

Does the antenna still have a clear view of the satellite? It’s been a long time since the dish was planted, trees and shrubs have grown and are blocking your view – In this case, only the trimmer for the fence helps.

Is the pan still properly aligned? Strong winds and rain cannot specifically harm the satellite signal. On the other hand, your plate, under the influence of weather, can loosen the screws, causing the object to move. You won’t notice anything at first, but over time, the parabolic mirror will no longer be in the correct position.

Therefore, at regular intervals or after heavy storms, check that the satellite dish and LNB are still properly positioned. Find a complete guide to installing a satellite dish or get the help of a specialist (installer). Choose a reliable one, such as TV aerial installation Leeds, that will give you the best possible picture. Learn more about that here.

Is the antenna cable still intact? Check the antenna cable. If there is a defect at one point, simply replace it. Cables running through a window are particularly vulnerable.

Do you have image interference on individual channels? This sometimes happens on a cordless phone as well. The reason is that the satellite signal and the phone use the same frequency. Simply move your phone’s base station to another location.

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Is your reception room still set up correctly? Check the tuning of your receiver. It happens that this no longer receives the correct parameters. To fix this, go to your receiver setup and select an item from the Broadcast reception menu (Warning: On some devices, this item is also called Channel search or similar). Here you can check if you are still connected to the desired satellites and you can restart your channel search as needed.

Blizzards are not your friends

The accumulation of snow and ice can also badly affect the functioning of your television. If you are in colder places then you are likely to encounter problems like this often, but many users buy plates with pre-built heaters for this reason. This way you can prevent the damage that this weathering can do, probably less damage than heavy rain, but it certainly contributes to signal interference.

In addition to affecting image quality, it can also change the position of the dish to a position that is not compatible with the satellite. What you can do to prevent this is to put the plate where you know there won’t be much ice and snow. For this reason, we advise you to skip trees and rooftops where rain is falling, etc.

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Now that you’ve read our text, we hope you understand the impact of the weather and how you can protect your satellite television. If you have listened to us – you are free to settle into your comfortable sofa and indulge in your favorite contents of various programs. Enjoy!

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