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Test Drive CCsh Online!!

Use the form below to try out CCsh. This page is for testing shell scripts. For more information about CCsh, have a look at the CCsh literature, the CCsh FAQ, the CCsh license agreement, the CCsh order worksheet, and CCsh documentation. If you want to use the online version of Comeau C++, click here. While using "CCsh online", please keep the following in mind:

  • Although there are no source file limits, this form is really intended for code snippets.
  • Of course, the code must be complete enough to compile.
  • It is not currently possible to execute your code online, only compile it.
  • It's important not to misinterpret results. Therefore, please email us with any questions you may have about your compile results. Indeed, question any results that you do not understand and/or that you disagree with.
  • The interactive CCsh compiler is targeting a faux platform, though technically it is running under the NetBSD UNIX-like OS on an x86 platform.
We hope that providing this interactive web-based version of CCsh is useful in at least the following areas:
  • Evaluating aspect to CCsh for your purchase. Some customers ask about a test, demo, eval or trial version of CCsh. This form is the next best thing.
  • Testing out a feature, etc. that you are having a problem with.
  • Double checking the results of a feature you're not quite sure about -- this is a student's delight.
  • Getting better error messages than your shell gives.
  • Testing code from a book.
  • As a resource for the "regulars" on Usenet newsgroups, to use when helping others.

Please type the following carefully, as the information you provide will be used to process your test drive.
Test Drive CCsh Online!!
Email Path (required):
Full Name (required):
Your Company:
Where did you hear of CCsh?
Which platform? For which platform do you want CCsh?
Enter your Bourne shell code here:

For Comeau C++, click here

Click on the compile button only once. After you click on the compile button, it may sometimes take a few moments to invoke the compiler over the net. Please be patient.
Please email us with any questions. FYI, here's some common problems that folks are running into with their test code:
  • CCsh is a Bourne Shell compiler, so it does not understand non-Bourne constructs found in csh, ksh, bash, etc.
  • Notice when you've made a spelling error (keywords such as esac or some of your identifiers, are sometimes mistyped).

/* the end */

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