Tech Talk About C99
Comeau C99 FAQ

Copyright © 2001-2013 Comeau Computing. All rights reserved. The intent of this page is to address questions about C99. C99 is a new revision to Standard C, and folks may not be familiar with all parts of it yet. Note that in its current form, most parts of this FAQ are essentially just an executive summary. This means that some additions and changes are still necessary. As such, this is a live web page, so we'll be adding completely new discussions as appropriate, so stop by from time to time. Clearly then, this web page is under construction, (Version 1.3, July, 2013), so if you see something not right, please email us about it.

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Here's the current topics:

  1. What book do you recommend?
  2. Where is the FAQ for the various C and C++ newsgroups?
  3. Can I really get the C++ Standard electronically for $18?
  4. Can I get Standard C electronically too?
  5. What Are Designated initializers?
  6. What Are Compound Literals?
  7. What Are Variable Length Arrays?
  8. What Are Flexible Array Members?
  9. What Are _Bool and bool?
  10. What Are static array parameters?