CCshTM, "The Bourne Shell Compiler"

CCsh is a high quality programming tool that will transform your current Bourne Shell code into a fast executable binary file. In addition to this "brochure" you can also find the following online information: the CCsh FAQ, the CCsh documentation, the CCsh license agreement, the CCsh order worksheet and the CCsh online compiler.


If you use UNIX, whether is be Solaris, SCO, SunOS, LINUX, HP/UX, or AIX, chances are that you write programs, aka scripts, using the shell. If you do, you know that shell scripts are slow and bulky. You put up with that because the shell is easy and powerful to use. Besides, you have no other choice....

No other choice, that is, until CCsh came along. Now even casual UNIX users can have the full power of compiled shell scripts. Scripts that run faster, take up less overhead, and are more secure. And since CCsh automatically does its job, users and system administrators can do theirs without spending a lot of time programming or re-programming. That means efficiency.


Programmers and UNIX application's developers love CCsh.

Why? Because it makes them many times more efficient. Since most code is developed by prototyping in the easy-to-use shell, programmers often find themselves with literally thousands of lines of script code. Once the developer has debugged the script, the formidable task of hand converting to C awaits. This slow and error-prone conversion task is eliminated with the power and convenience of CCsh.

Concerned about security of your code? Of course your CCsh compiled scripts are no longer readable by prying eyes. Put that source code away. You won't need it once your script is compiled with CCsh.


When execution time matters ... and when doesn't it? ... you want CCsh. Shell programmers find that CCsh