Common Questions and Answers about CCshTM, "The Bourne Shell Compiler"

  1. What exactly is CCsh?
  2. Who would need to use CCsh?
  3. Why would system performance be increased?
  4. What other benefits does CCsh provide?
  5. What is the speed increase I can expect from using CCsh?
  6. Will CCsh be useful to the average user in a normal day's activity?
  7. How much does CCsh cost?
  8. How much does technical support cost?
  9. After a shell script has been compiled, can I bring the generated C code to other machines?
  10. What does the runtime library do for me?
  11. So, does this mean I need a runtime library for every machine?
  12. Can CCsh run on any computer system?
  13. Will CCsh be ported to other systems?
  14. Will this include Berkeley UNIX systems?
  15. In summary then, why is CCsh beneficial?
  16. Do you have a question?

What exactly is CCsh?

CCsh is a high quality programming tool that will transform your current Bourne Shell code into C language source code. The C code is then transparently compiled into an executable binary file by your C compiler.

In addition to this CCsh Faq, you can find various information about CCsh online: