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Charter of comp.std.c++

comp.std.c++ is for technical announcements and discussion of the ANSI/ISO C++ standardization process and the C++ standard, and for discussion of the design and standardization of the C++ language and libraries. Other discussion that is directly related to the C++ standard (not related merely to C++ programming techniques) is also welcome. Posts should be cogent and free from personal attacks.

Questions about C++ programming techniques should instead be posted to comp.lang.c++.moderated or comp.lang.c++. Questions that are specific to some particular platform should be posted to a group devoted to that platform.

comp.std.c++ is moderated by panel. A submission will be sent randomly to one of the moderators, who will decide to post or reject it. There is also an alias you can use to discuss matters (either individual posts or general policy) with all of the moderators.

Submission address: std-c++@cs.rpi.edu

Contact address: std-c++-request@cs.rpi.edu

List of moderators: