How To Prevent Software Supply Chain Attacks

Supply chain attacks are a kind of cyberattacks in which the organization or the company is breached through vulnerabilities in their supply chain. Hackers and attackers always want to make a significant impact and shake your supply chain just by minimal efforts. Still, their minimal efforts can make a tremendous impact on your business.

Precautions are always better than cure, and to prevent any software supply chain attacks, it is essential to know some of the ways through which you can protect your company’s security. It might be possible that you already have a good security system, but still, to ensure that you don’t lack anything, you must know about the steps that can help you achieve efficiency and be free from any thefts and supply chain attacks.

6 Ways Through Which You Can Prevent Software Supply Chain Attacks:


Give Least Privileged Access:

It is essential to give access to significantly fewer people as the excessive permissions and excess to employees, third parties, and partners can result in supply chain attacks. The fewer people will know about it, the fewer there are chances of malicious happenings. For mitigating the risks in your organization, you must implement the least privileged and assign all people and software with necessary permissions only.

You must make sure that whosoever has permission for indulging in the supply chain activities must use protected and secured software and system as it is not necessary that other people or third parties are using high tech security like you. This will subsequently help you prevent any kind of attacks in the supply chain.

Must Know Your Vendors:

When you are indulging with the other party in the second end, you must know about them and be aware of their services and existence and the service providers who contribute to completing the supply chain. Due to the massive scale of the cyber ecosystem and extensive IT development, you might not have the time to know about the vendors, but it is extremely crucial as they play a huge part in completing the supply chain.

They usually contain information about your firm, which can give rise to supply chain attacks. If a full background check is not done, you must be skeptical about that person as you don’t know them fully. Complete visibility of vendors or suppliers can help improve tracking and security management, which is essential to ensure a good supply of products.

Protecting Your Technology First:


Before pointing your fingers at other people, it is crucial to make your technology strong and upgrade it with the best available software. You only care the most about the information as it will directly affect your enterprise. Everything is essential, from the best anti-virus to multi-factor authentication and attack surface monitoring solutions.

Even if something unfortunate happens, you will not be reluctant to claim that it didn’t happen because of your lack of technology. It is crucial first to make your technology strong, and If you want to upgrade your software supply chain security, you need to contact

Staff And Vendors Education

Information and educating someone is one of the easiest ways to protect your company from any kind of theft. It might be possible that the staff or vendors unknowingly spread information that they did not know that must be kept confidential. They should know what they are, the do’s and don’ts of the information which will be provided to them, and how they must consume that particular information and keep it as safe as possible.

By organizing meetings, sessions, and training, you can educate the employees about all the aspects of security, confidential information, password protection, and online thefts and attacks so that they can be aware of it. This will help them take the information privacy more safely and ensure that it does not get into the wrong hands.

Implementation Of Strict Shadow IT Rules:


Shadow IT basically are the IT devices that the organization and their security team do not approve of as they might not be in their ownership. As of now, most organizations adopt and use remote working modes, which eventually results in employees using their own devices. This makes the information highly transmissible as it is accessible to anyone.

For high protection, the IT security departments should manage to register the IT devices of the employees if they are following a remote working environment along with some strict guidelines about what operations can be done and what can be connected. This is how the information will be safe and can easily be monitored.

Use Honeytokens:

Honeytokens are essential as they make the organization aware of any suspicious activities that might be happening in their network. This is how the organization will be safe from severe and big attacks and threats. It is an amazing way to make the attackers believe the fake resources are sensitive data. When attackers indulge in the resources thinking they are highly crucial, it activates a signal and alerts the organization about an attack attempt.

Honeytokes are really a good security factor as they can tell you even the identity and location of the attacker. This is how the cyber security team can get the attacker, and simply the intruder can be found. It is one of the most prominent ways to prevent software supply chain attacks.

Parting Words:

Even though it is not mandatory that you will face an attack or security breach, but you should prepare your organisation for it. If they will attack or try to breach; you don’t want to feel helpless and disheartened. You should prepare your organization for everything. This helps you to have a strong organization.

Even if you have a good security system, you must ensure that you are not lacking in the current technological advancements. The hackers and attackers are not lacking in breaching your privacy and using your information for their well-being, so you should be one step ahead of them; otherwise, you will have o face the consequences.

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