Can You Hack Into a Biometric Safe

We live in an age when safety and security matter more than ever. But, can we be 100% safe? It is hard to believe so. Due to the internet, data flow, cryptocurrencies, money, credit cards, and all the other assets we need to keep by our side, safety and security matter like never before. At the same time, it is hard to preserve it. Probably harder than it ever was. Our world is a contradictory one. In the end what you can do is to try and keep yourself, your loved ones, and your assets as safe as you can.

One of the best ways to keep at least your assets safe is by having a biometric safe. There are physical assets many of us have that need to be locked down. You don’t have to be a millionaire or a famous person to have items of value you want to have stored safely. Luckily for you, the world of today offers plenty of options to do so. One of those is as we already mentioned a type of safe that will react only to its owner. We’re talking about a safe that will open only to one’s fingerprints, eyes or voice.

Yes, the Sci-fi movie technology has finally lived to be caught by real life. Even if we’re talking about state-of-the-art technology people still have their doubts. They’re free to have them. We are here to talk about the possibility of having your top-notch security breached. Have you wondered if can you hack into a biometric safe even if it’s one coming from and is deemed as one of the best smart safes out there? To a degree, most of these safes look alike. Yes, there are differences, but when a person is trying to steal from them they’ll be viewed the same way. So, can it be done?


Can You Breach a Biometric Safe?

This is a good question. Have you watched the White Collar? It is a nice TV show. It tells us everything is possible in the world of thieves. Also, do you remember when Bronn and Tirion talk about The Eyrie? Bronn famously states that even the hardest of castles can be breached. All that he needed were ten good men and some spikes, and he’ll impregnate the b*tch. Funny as it is, he probably could have done it. But, could a skilled hacker do the same to your biometric safe?

Each safe is an impregnable fortress of its own. They can’t be compromised. What can be compromised is the owner. You need to know that no form of biometric authentication is 100% safe. Hackers will not go directly after your safety. When there’s a situation where someone wants to have your data or assets from your safe they will attack you. There are ways hackers can take your fingertips without you ever noticing it happen. All that is needed is for them to contact you directly or to hack access to your confidential data that contains your fingertips.  This way they create a duplicate and once they’re physically present in front of your safe they can try and access it. But, how precisely will someone steal your fingerprints?

The Hacking of Biometric Data

So, as we said, biometric safes are safe as entities. What is not safe is your biometric data. If it gets stolen, your safe is good as nonexistent. Unfortunately, there are plenty of ways those skilled in dark arts can access your data. What’s worse is that we’re not even talking about potential scenarios. All of these breaches have happened in the past. So, how can a hacker compromise your biometric safe?

The first way is by a database breach. Your biometric data needs to be stored somewhere for your safe to be able to recognize it. these databases can be breached and they have been in the past.  Every authentication system operates the same way. Yours won’t be any different. The data your present your safe with needs to be in line with the one you have stored in the database. You’ve seen Tom Cruise do it in the Mission Impossible franchise multiple times. It can be done. If the database is hacked and the data is leaked your biometric safe can be compromised.


Now that we mentioned Ethan Hunt we must also say a few words about the possibility of having your biometrics copied. Yes, there are ways to create fake or synthetic biometrics. As we also said we live in an advanced society. While that benefits us at most times it can also hurt us in situations like these. With new technology there comes

a lot of responsibility and more safety and security risks than ever.  Your data can be copied and it can be sued to bypass your safe. It is even easier to do it with devices such as smartphones or doors that require biometric recognition. While safes are at another level they can be tampered with too.

The two paragraphs above lead us to the pretty darker side of this story and it is called an AI-generated deepfake. This is a method that will rely on creating a likeness to the person who is the owner of a biometric safe. This method is used for scientific purposes but for criminal ones too. It relies on the GANs. This stands for general adversarial neural networks, and yes, they can be copied.

Last, but not least, and one that can happen to almost anyone is stolen biometrics. We already said it. This is a developed society, but you can’t eradicate theft from this world. Even if we’re talking about one’s identity. Yes, this is some Minority Report scenario here, but it can happen. We sure hope that no one is going to try and steal your eyes, but copying your traits from a photo, or simply stealing your fingertips is quite a likely scenario. As scary as it sounds it is the truth. Yes, biometric safes are quite safe. But, your biometric data can be hacked. Have that in mind.

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