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Best Gimbal Stabilizers for Smartphones Under Rs. 10000 in India 2024

In the last several years, there has been an increase in the number of smartphones produced with high-quality cameras. Some of them even shoot photographs and videos in the quality similar to that of a professional camera. If you want to upgrade your shooting experience, and your smartphone camera is your primary tool, you should look into investing in a gimbal stabilizer. It is a device that will support the camera and keep it stable while you move. This helps your photos and videos avoid any blurriness. We have discovered which gimbal stabilizers for smartphones in India are the best this year.

1. DJI Osmo Mobile 2 (Rs. 9 999)

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The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal for smartphones is handheld, and it is incredibly useful for videographers who prefer to shoot on-the-go. Its brushless motors and built-in sensors ensure the stability of this gimbal. This gimbal stabilizer allows you to shoot stunning hyper-lapse and time-lapse videos, as well as panoramas. It supports live streaming, and its battery can last for 15 hours, which can charge your phone. DJI Osmo Mobile 2 weighs 485g.

2. Zhiyun Smooth 4 (Rs. 9 950)

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Zhiyun Smooth 4 features a multi-axis control that makes your video recording experience easier and more stable. It is compatible with GoPro and most of the smartphones. This stabilizer comes with settings on the hand wheel, which includes Focus Full and Zoom. With Zhiyun Smooth 4, you can create slow-motion, time-lapse, hyper-lapse, and Motionless videos. This gimbal comes with object tracking, which makes the footage smooth. The battery lasts for 14 hours and can also be used for charging your phone.

3. Moza Mini-S (Rs. 7000)

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This gimbal is the newest edition from Moza, and it is a good value for money. Even though it is on the cheaper side, Moza Mini-S offers you excellent stabilization for recording videos on your smartphone. This product features many great shooting modes, and slow motion, sports gear mode, inception, and hyper-lapse are some of the many modes available. Moza Mini-S also features a three-way axis control and facial recognition. Its battery lasts for up to 8 hours.

4. Hohem T2 (Rs. 9 999)

(Best option)

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This 3-Axis gimbal stabilizer comes with an incredible stabilization technology, and it also features Five-way Joystick, as well as multifunction buttons control. It features an option for manual shooting, along with the automatic face and object recognition, 360 panorama shooting, and Smart Auto-tracking shooting. Hohem T2 weighs 395 grams, and it has a battery that lasts for up to 5 hours.

5. Digitek DSG 005 (Rs. 6 999)

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If you are on a budget, this inexpensive gimbal stabilizer will be a perfect match for you. Digitek DSG 005 features a motor and sensors which help stabilize your smartphone. This gimbal stabilizer comes with the ergonomic structure design, and it is resistant to shock. This product will be excellent for you if you are interested in taking panoramic photos. Also, Digitek DSG 005 features a joystick, which is used for PAN, TILT, and speed control. The battery life is 12 hours, and it takes approximately 4 hours to charge it.

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