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The below contains a summary for the following ANSI/ISO C++ Meetings:
  1. Nashua NH, US, March 1997
  2. Chiswick, UK, July 1997
  3. Morristown NJ, US, November 1997
  4. Nice, France, March 1998
  5. Santa Cruz CA, US, October 1998
  6. Dublin IR, April 1999
  7. Kona HI, US, October 1999
  8. Tokyo, Japan, April 2000
  9. Toronto, Canada, October 2000
  10. Copenhagen, Denmark, April 2001
  11. Redmond, WA, US, October 2001

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Nashua, US, March 1997

On March 18, 1997, Greg Comeau provided an executive summary of the C++ committee's meeting in Nashua, NH to a local New York user group (see the Comeau C++ Resources Page for more information). The following information is a 1:1 HTML version of the MS-PowerPoint presentation slides used. We hope you find it useful in understanding some of the standards process as well as in determining the status of the standard.

"CD2" in Nov 1996, Now What?

Executive Summary Of The ANSI/ISO C++ Meeting In Nashua, NH

Greg Comeau, Comeau Computing

First, a few words on Logistics

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