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  Purpose of this page
Comeau Computing is a founding member of the C++ committee, and has served as a voting member since. We also follow the C committee. Comeau is providing this page as a public service to the general public. It allows you to track various aspects of the ISO/ANSI C++ committee's progress, as well as the C committee's.
Standard C++
In November 1997, the ISO/ANSI C++ committee's technical experts
unanimously approved an international standard for C++. After a member-nation voting period from April through June, unanimous final official ISO approval of the C++ standard was July 1998. The publication date was Sept 1998. Various national standards bodies have since made the standard available to their respective countries. For instance, Standard C++ is available electronically from the ANSI Standard Store. Register there and get a copy for $18.

Also, the British Standards Institute has arranged for a hardcover book version of the actual C++ standard. The text is called The C++ Standard and literally reflects the newly revised version of Standard C++, that is ISO/EIC 14882:2003, aka C++03. This text is expected to appear in September 2003. For a list of differences between C++98 and C++03, please see this unofficial list of revisions.

Standard C
In October 1999, the "5 year" revision of ISO/ANSI C became complete. In July 2000, it was announced that you are now able to get an electronic copy of C99 for $20. Here 's the site.

ANSI C89 or ISO C90 is still currently available but only in paper form. For instance, Global Engineering Documents was carrying C89 (X3.159). Once at that link, click US, enter "x3.159" in the document number (NOT the document title) search box, and that'll get you the latest info from Global on this paper document (last we checked it was US$148)

Also, the British Standards Institute has arranged for a hardcover book version of the actual C standard. The text is called The C Standard and literally reflects the later version of Standard C, that is ISO/EIC 14882:1999, aka C99, including TC1 (Technical Corrigendum 1) and the full rationale of Standard C. This text has been available since July 31, 2003.

What's the C++ committee up to?
Since 1997, the C++ committee has continued to meet, and remains hard at work. The committee is currently working on addressing Defect Reports, aka DRs. While processing DRs, they document and organize their work in various ways. One way is through an "Issues List". Currently there is one master issues list for library related issues and another master list for the core language. The committee currently meets twice a year and the lists are updated after each meeting (the last meeting was October 2000, the next is April 2001). Here are the lists after the October 2000 meeting:

Click here for an alternative site containing these files.

C++ Performance Report
Since the April 1999 meeting, the committee is also heavily involved in producing a technical report on C++ performance issues. This report will obviously take some time to produce before it is available. The intent will be to cover performance issues relating to both users and implementors. It will consider language as well as library concerns. Generally, the report will entail performance effects, guarantees, and optimizations that can occur. This will be an interesting focus for small systems as well as large ones.

The current draft Performance TR is publicly available here.

Giving feedback to the committee
You may be interested in posting your Standard C++ related questions/concerns/issues to comp.std.c++. Although this newsgroup is not an official vehicle of the committee, it is monitored by many committee members. Do note that the comp.std.c++ newsgroup is related to C++ issues involving Standard C++ only. For other C++ issues, consider other newsgroups, such as: comp.lang.c++ or comp.lang.c++.moderated or alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++.
Submitting DRs
A document will be made available shortly describing the procedure to submit a DR to the committee. Suffice it to say for now, that although comp.std.c++ is not an official organ of the committee, it is an official channel for submitting DRs. As mentioned, details on how to do this will follow soon.
Past Meeting Summaries
Comeau is proud to provide you with the following executive summary of the following ANSI/ISO C++ Standards Comittee Meetings:

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