Comeau's Suggestions for C++,
OO, and C Literature

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Most of the suggestions below are generally what we at Comeau label industrial strength books on C++, C or OO. If you have additional ideas, or you feel that something significant has been left out, please contact us. You may want bookmark this page for future reference. You may also want to check out for some thoughts on how to use this booklist.

  1. A minimal C++ starting point
  2. Magazines:
    "Softer" Introductions
    "Terser" Introductions
    More advanced / Style based / Specific / Etc
    The Standard C++ Library (current books)
    The draft C++ library (earlier books)
    "Inside Information":
    Efficiency (we offer this cautiously):

  3. A minimal OO starting point
  4. A minimal C starting point
  5. Magazines:
    "Softer" Introductions
    "Terser" Introductions
    More advanced/style based/specific/etc
(c)© 1990-2013 Comeau Computing. All rights reserved.

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