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* * * Features * * *

Comeau C/C++ includes a number of new features and enhancements in addition to the wide span of Standard C++ and Standard C features that we already support. Comeau C/C++ continues our serious tracking of all the ANSI/ISO C++ committee and ANSI/ISO C committee deliberations to date. These additions bring us, yet again, even stronger as we continue post compliance language-wise and into the upcoming "C++0x" standard, whenever that may be.

Of course, Comeau C++ is also Comeau C, and so we strongly support Standard C as well. Furthermore, we even support the core language features of C99, the newest revision of Standard C, as well as a Microsoft compatibility mode. There are other modes too, check our online documentation.

Bursting With So Much Language Support It Hurts!

What's new in Comeau C/C++

The free C/C++ upgrade adds a number of features in addition to those features already supported. Comeau C/C++ continues our absolutely meticulous tracking of Standard C++ and Standard C.

Don't hesitate to try these features out with "Comeau online". There is also a Comeau for Windows beta available for sale, or as a beta upgrade for existing Comeau for Windows customers, upon request. Here's the new features:

  • C++0x additions. These C++0x'isms are now available on some platforms as of Comeau C/C++ They are enabled with our new --c++0x command line option, even in strict mode:
    • static_assert ala N1720
    • auto type specifier ala N1984
    • extern template
    • directly binding reference to class rvalue even if [an elided] copy ctor is inaccessible, etc. ala core issue 391
    • long long supported ala N1811
      • We have supported this "forever", however, as an extension. It was officially added to C99, and hence our C99 mode, and now it is in the C++ draft working paper, and hence in our C++0x mode.
      • long long type, and unsigned long long
      • Support for ll, ull, LL, and ULL constant suffixes, with warnings on use of Ll or lL in strict mode.
      • If available for your platform, it is assumed that the C compiler used, or a third party library such as Dinkumware's, supports a %lld in the printf and scanf families if you use those routines to input/output (so this assumes sscanf, fprintf, etc. too). libcomo's iostreams already supported long long.
      • Normally in strict mode it is necessary to have to specify --long_long in order to enable long long's; this option is not necessary in C++0x mode, even when strict'd.
    • relaxed typename outside of templates ala core issue 382
    • relaxed ::template et al disambiguators outside of templates ala core issue 468
    • C99 style variadic macros ala N1653
    • empty macro arguments ala N1653
    • >> as closing angle brackets ala N1757
    • extended 'friend T;' style class declarations ala N1791
    • concatenation of mixed char and wide string literals ala N1653
    • last enumerator may have trailing comma ala core issue 518
/* the end, for now :) */

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