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Analyzing Cryptocurrency Articles Through Diffbot

The world has already slowly been going digital, but the stay-at-home restrictions have quickened their pace. Because a lot of individuals derived another means of earning online one notable tech trend that saw a rise in interest in blockchain technology — the blockchain technology caught the interest of many during …

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How Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Can Help Charities

Millennial people are giving less to charities, and there is growing scepticism regarding Executive salaries and worries about where contributions go. Simultaneously, they battle with inadequate, understaffed management, cannot target relief appropriately, and regularly see most defenceless and needy go unaided. The use of blockchain technology in philanthropy opens up …

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Understanding The Relationship Between Crypto And Blockchain Technology

Probably in today’s situation, most people must be aware of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. But still, most people think that blockchain is a different kind of crypto in which people can invest and gain some profits. So what exactly does a blockchain mean? What is the relationship between crypto and …

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Impact of Cryptocurrencies on the IT Industry

When cryptocurrencies first started out, their market had a net worth of a few dollars back in 2009. Fast forward almost a decade later and the same cryptocurrency market is valued at several trillion dollars now. Cryptocurrencies have seen phenomenal growth over the last few years and they have had …

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How Blockchain Technology Could Revolutionise the Real Estate Industry

When it first started out way back in 2009, only a handful of people believed in Bitcoin and its importance. Now fast forward 10 years, Bitcoin is one of the most valuable commodities that is available on the stock market. There are several investors who invested in Bitcoin in its …

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