How To Effectively Manage A Growing Slate Of IT Projects

It is not simple to manage big IT projects from beginning to end or various tasks, for that matter. Typically, these problems result from a staff member not having enough experience or certifications to handle large workflows. In alternate cases, many individuals are without much experience despite all credentials.

The main challenge is handling many works at once. With this guide, you know the challenges faced with multi-project management, telling you the steps about the tall order while offering you the best tools for project management.

The truth is that everyone in the IT sector must know how to manage multiple tasks at once effectively. With such knowledge, the team can quickly achieve project goals while people work to make their “tasks” successful. Currently Saas project management system like is the gold standard of handling complexities with efficiency and maintaining workflow in a teamwork environment.

Ways To Handle Projects

With proper management, projects help businesses develop new services or products, transform all internal business processes and produce customer value. However, without having the right building blocks, they can result in low innovation and drain all your resources and time. The following methods help in successful project management to propel the organization rather than holding it back.


Invest In Planning And Initiation Stages

When answering for the failure of a project, most reasons are traced to poor research and planning – vital stages of starting and planning of project life cycle. After establishing, syncing, and agreeing on critical aspects like objectives, organizational priorities, and requirements, there are fewer chances for confusion.

Include The Correct Project Methodology Or Framework

The second step towards successfully managing a project is finding the correct methodology or framework. Management methodologies describe some guiding processes or principles used for planning, executing, and managing works. Whether you select a waterfall or critical path methodology, these frameworks determine how you prioritize and finish the work with its visualization.

Decide A Realistic Scope

Among the main obstacles that project managers face is scope creep. Many companies experience unforeseen scope creep changes to scope. While the problem can be related to uncontrollable factors, having the right people at planning tables helps to define project scopes accurately.

After including experienced team members and stakeholders in the planning and initiating stages, you can later avoid frustration. It is also possible to refer to old data to help set the scoping phase.


Ensure A Culture Of Ownership And Transparency

Transparency makes all the difference while managing with more sensitivities and complexities. With a strong transparency culture, leaders and team members can rely on each other to take ownership and raise flags for their work, irrespective of how stressful or granular the plans would turn.

Clear communication is the starting point, so all contributors know your long-term plans, goals, and key performance indicators. A simple way of achieving this is to involve all employees in the planning process and provide them ownership of deliverables and tasks after using a solid management workflow, which you can create in many ways. Employees generally effectively self-manage with greater accountability, and their inspiration for performing the best also rises.

Schedule With Care

When looking for a team to maximize productivity, you must make realistic work schedules for the workload with the intended delivery date. While it wouldn’t be possible to get the perfect timeline for management, balancing two factors is a worthwhile investment. With a Work OS such as, you can notice team or individual workloads in the same workspace where you manage timelines, resources, and calendars.

Communicated and proper schedules help in the mitigation of delays and other setbacks. The methodology of project management you use also impacts how your team would use its time for reaching a goal or various smaller ones. When using an agile framework such as Scrum, you focus on smaller and short-term deliverable increments. Also, make sure to take out time for things you don’t plan in your works.

Effective Resource Management

Resource management is vital to project management, describing the planning, scheduling, and allocating of resources for higher efficiency. When looking at it in a physical sense, it is possible to explain that a contractor managing construction projects –can decide to book a concrete pourer for two sites instead of paying two costs at once.

For digital IT projects, resources can often mean specific teams or employees. A programmer can have various concurrent projects, so you’ll have to plan these to get the job done. The list includes multiple resources like capital, people, and other material goods.


Get Stakeholders Engaged

Stakeholders invest directly in the success of a project. They can be internal product users, clients, product managers, or executives. Project managers must skimp on work for their projects to garner the financial or otherwise support that fuels teams.

You must ensure input and communication between the two parties to establish before, during, or after the post-project. Why? These offer unique perspectives and insights aligned with the organization’s objectives and the team’s capabilities. A Work OS with robust features helps present vital timelines and data in real-time you can refer to repeatedly.

Make Sure That You’ve Got The Best Project Management Tools

Modern remote works such as cloud file sharing, inter-departmental collaboration, and other variables for the company need modern digital solutions. Thus, a famous IT management platform works best for this purpose.

With the best tool, you get the complete toolkit for all projects, and it is built on simple-to-use Work OS. It offers you the freedom to work in whatever frame you prefer. You can also seamlessly integrate these tools with other available tech tools, and share real-time dashboards, updates, and share boards with your team.



With the tips above and the handy tools, you’ll be able to tackle the challenges while managing various IT projects. As projects have become a vital part of all business areas, and firms are including digital tools and agile methods for better efficiency, the role of IT managers has reached a more significant position.

All the management steps can differ, but all work synergistically to maximize your outcomes and bring you closer to your goals. Thus, without wasting time, you should adopt a few techniques mentioned according to your needs and see how these methods become a game changer in smoothly managing projects.

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