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3 Different Ways to Make Robot Arms Safer to Use Around Humans 

Collaborative robots have completely changed the way companies approach automation. Instead of dedicating huge capital outlays to acquiring bulky robotic systems that will replace their employees, companies now see automation as a collaborative approach. One where robots are merely tools aimed at optimizing the productivity of their employees and this …

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How Are Robots Utilized in Businesses?

Robot specialists are insisting that we are on the edge of a significant change within the field. Over the years, robots have slowly but surely been able to go beyond their confined position on the assembly line, and take more roles across a wide range of businesses. With automated vision …

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6 Modern Technologies That are Changing the Manufacturing Industry

We all know that the demand of the consumers is getting bigger by the day. We want things to be faster, stronger, more durable and to be easy to use. Do you know that in the US alone people spend more than 20 trillion dollars per year? So, for factories …

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Robots Creating Automated Urban Environment in the Next Decade

The future of the world will be urban, with most people living in cities. In Asia and Africa, a growing youth population will live mainly in new or fast-growing towns, while in the west, the aging population in their urban environment faces different challenges, even in old age. The global …

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The Next Step of Industry and What it Means For Human Jobs

Since the early days of the industrial revolution, there have been concerns about the need for human employees. This has been a problem for almost every society throughout history. The earliest examples started with the ancient Greeks. Perhaps, they didn’t have to worry about getting help from services like assignmentgeek.com, …

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