Margharita Evanom


Robot Vacuums: Are They Worth It?

The possession of robot vacuums and cleaners has been increasing steadily when the first automated vacuum cleaners were introduced on the market at the turn of the twentieth century. Millions of units are sold globally, and the trend is likely to continue with technological advancement. The new robot vacuums have …

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Smart Features Your Grill Should Have

Grilling is the best way to let your inner chef come out. The savor of spicy grilled meat is incomparable. Whether it’s winter or summer, you can enjoy outdoor and indoor grilling with your friends and family anytime. However, the taste of food not only depends on the ingredients; but …

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5 Smart-Home Improvements That Boost Your Property Value

When we consider making home improvements, many of us think of the traditional ones, such as replacing the kitchen cabinets or installing an outdoor fireplace such as this one from But more and more homeowners are looking at installing smart-home technology. Smart-home tech carries many benefits for you. It …

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5 Reasons Never to Use an Insecure Crypto Exchange

After the price of BTC has surpassed its all-time high at that moment in 2017, a lot of people have paid attention to this concept as a whole. Before that, there were a lot of skeptics who weren’t too confident that invest in cryptocurrencies is something that can provide them …

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4 Useful Online Tools for Students Who Struggle with Writing

Writing is one of the most valued and valuable skills that is essential for academic success of students. But it’s not just about school. Great writing, analysis, critical thinking and research skills can help you in almost every aspect of your life. More importantly, they provide a plethora of opportunities …

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