Chanel Kelley

4 Top Reasons Why Every Business Leader Should Incorporate the UCaaS Platform

There is a growing demand for a safe, adaptable method of collaboration and communication as more companies adopt a completely remote or hybrid workforce. Happily, UCaaS (which stands for “Unified Communications as a Service”) not only meets but also much beyond your requirements. First, look at the top five reasons …

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What is a Dedicated Server, and When Do You Need One?

Dedicated servers are servers computers that are dedicated to one customer. Each customer has full access to the server and all its resources, including storage space and network connectivity. Dedicated servers can be purchased as a stand-alone unit or as part of a full virtualized hosting service. Dedicated servers can …

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API vs. EDI in Freight Management: What’s the Difference?

The chain of trade is a chain that has both a beginning and an end. It is an ideal circle in which the whole process is constantly turning – producing a product, transporting it, selling it, getting money, and investing again in a new product of the same type that …

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