Comeau Computing's Programming Courses

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Comeau Computing offers a number of training courses on C and C++ programming. Depending upon your needs, most of these topics can be taught as 1/2 day overviews, or as multi-day extensive topics of study. This is particularly convenient for developers in New York City in need of training. In some selective cases, consulting services are also offered.

  • An Introduction to C++
  • Migrating from C to C++
  • C++ for C Programmers
  • Significant C++ Features
  • NEW! C++ Template Techniques and Generic Programming
Comeau courses focus on insights, techniques, and the creative thought process. This separates us from other training which often zooms through material. Hand in hand in this is our round-table approach, which emphasizes your raising questions and issues. This allows an effective compromise to be struck between lecturing and the all important feedback to students.

Do not hesitate to email us if you have any other questions or concerns you would like to see addressed about our educational opportunities.

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